Unique Gift Ideas for Your SO This Valentine’s Day

Unique Gift Ideas for Your SO This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve been together for years now or you’re just too lazy to think of something to give to your girlfriend or boyfriend this V day, we got you covered! I mean, if only we weren’t single, we would’ve kept these ideas to ourselves. LOL.

Boxed Flowers

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Guess who’s making another big comeback? We know you all missed this! As the season of love unfolds, so does our Valentine Box, ready to capture your hearts once again! This time made even lovelier and sweeter with two of the sweetest treats you’ll surely love. If you’re in for a sweet surprise, you’ll definitely give in to this twosome goodies! Choose from our exclusively hand-painted macarons and our freshly-designed luscious bonbons, both baked to perfection and lovingly arranged inside our luxury Valentine box. No girl could ever resist this combined sweetness and charm! A two-in-one gift perfected for the sweetest season of the year. Secure your orders of our Valentine Box in time for the love month and before supplies last — head over to www.petalier.com.

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Bouquets are cute and all, but it can only last for a few days. If you can’t give your girl the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, might as well give her something that’s close. Plus points ‘cause it’s perf for the ‘gram too!

Distance Bracelets

Speaking of perfect, this one is for all ya LDR couples! Distance bracelets are designed to make you feel connected to your loved one even if you’re miles apart. The other pair is all white and the other is all black, but each has a single bead of the other. See? We love a well-thought-out gift.

Zodiac Sign Necklace

If you believe that you guys are very compatible and that fate put you two together, this one’s for you. To be honest, this is so adorbs especially if your signs actually matches well.

Polaroid Camera

They said a polaroid pic on the back of your phone is the new Valerian locket. So buy a polaroid cam and start taking couple pics and let the world know that you and your bae are cute as heck!

Vinyl Record Player

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Reasons to get the Motorino Mk 3: 1. It's portable and battery powered, rechargable too! Battery life lasts from 4-5hrs. 2. Has built-in speakers but; 3. Can connect to external speakers via RCA cable, AUX cable or Bluetooth 4. Has a headphone jack 5. Can play all types of vinyl (new and old) in all 3 RPM speeds: 33 1/3, 45, 78 6. Uses an Audio Technica NP5 Moving Magnetic cartidge with a diamond tip stylus, the same one used in most entry-level high end turntables 7. Has an adjustable counterweight to ensure your records aren't damaged (most turntables at this price don't have this feature!) Get it now at our flagship stores: • SM Megamall • UP Town Center Or our stockists: • Astroplus, SM Aura • Rustan's, Shangri-La • Rustan's, Glorietta • Rustan's, Alabang Town Center • Rustan's, Ayala Cebu • @treskulrecords , Mandaluyong • @treskulrecords , Ali Mall Cubao • @traxmanilarecords , Marikina

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If you’re the type of couple who enjoys listening to music together, a vinyl record player is a gift that both of you can benefit from. Imagine listening to classical music or even new age indie music like LANY (yes, they have vinyl versions of their album) while cuddling on a chilly day. Goals.

Now that we’ve given you some unique gift ideas, can we expect not to see any more giant teddy bears? Just saying.


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