Unique Dates Ideas for Valentines For Those Who Haven’t Planned Yet

Unique Dates Ideas for Valentines For Those Who Haven’t Planned Yet

For couples who are celebrating their first Valentines together or for couples who have been together for a long time can always switch up their celebration of this holiday of love! Not saying a really nice dinner date won’t do, but it’s great to do something unique once in a while. We listed down some ideas that both introverted or extroverted couples will surely enjoy!

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Go on A Trek

If you’re the type of couple who loves to go on adventures, then maybe you should head to a place where you can trek/hike to see a beautiful view together or swim in the waterfalls. If you can spare the whole weekend (Valentine’s does fall on a Friday) then head up to Tangadan Falls in La Union. The trek is quite easy and the waterfalls won’t disappoint! 

Prom Night

If you didn’t go to high school with your boyfriend or girlfriend now, or didn’t experience prom together, won’t it be cool to see how it is to experience a prom with them? You might be thinking, how in the world will I pull that off? Well I don’t know if you know this yet but B.A.D is throwing a prom night themed party on Valentine’s Day and that is exactly where you should go! 

Take A Workshop Together

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Do you have the same interests? Let’s say in cooking, coffee, pottery, painting, etc? Why don’t you find a really cool workshop you can join and learn something new together. Yardstick hosts workshops on home brewing, maybe you can check that out!

Lovefest At The Island

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Are you more of an open type of couple and just want to have some fun? Come to The Island on that Valentine’s weekend and join in the celebration! There will be booths and a whole lot of dancing! So get groovy with your partner! 

Join A Fun Workout Class

Who says you can’t enjoy working out together? There are a lot of work out studios that make sure you burn those calories but still make it a whole lot of fun! So break a sweat with your sweetheart and take a class together! Whether its some cycling cardio or toning up those muscles at the barre – you two will have a blast! 

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Share it with us below!

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