Ultimate Summer Skincare Guide for Oily Skin

Ultimate Summer Skincare Guide for Oily Skin

To anyone who has to live with oily skin, you would know how greasier your face gets with the summer heat. And trust us when we say that we totally get you. But because summer won’t stop happening no matter how many times we pray it away, the best way to cope is customize our skincare routine for this season.

So, to help my fellow girls with oily skin, here’s the ultimate skincare guide you’ll need this summer.

Opt for a Water-based Moisturizer

This summer, your skin will need all the hydration it can get. So, aside from the tons of water you should be drinking, stock up on water-based moisturizer to add to your regimen. It will give you a plumper complexion and it won’t feel too heavy on the skin because it is absorbed easily.

Always Bring Your Facial Mist

Believe us, facial mists will save you in this scorching heat. It will keep you feeling cool and boost your skin’s hydration, as well as make your complexion look bright and fresh. All that with just a few spritzes!

Don’t Forget to Prime

Keeping your makeup on for longer is much harder during summer, especially for those with oily skin. To ensure everything stays in place, always use a primer before putting your makeup. This will help in smoothening the surface and absorbing excess oil.

Go for a Lightweight Foundation

The key this summer is to use products that won’t make your skin feel stickier. So, keep your full-coverage foundation on the side and opt for lighter formulas like a BB or CC cream. They can give you buildable coverage without the heavy feeling.

Try a Gel-type Sunscreen

Need we say more? Give your skin the love it deserves by putting on sunscreen. This will not only protect your from skin diseases like melanoma, it will also prevent dark spots. Look for ones that are oil-free or non-comedogenic to avoid clogging of pores that may lead to breakouts.

Never Leave Without Blotting Sheets

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Blotting sheets are your best friend, not just this summer but every day. These will save you from unnecessary touch-ups and will help make your skin grease-free even with the crazy heat. It’s also very compact that you can easily carry it on your pockets wherever you may go!

Any more tips to survive this summer heat? Comment down below!



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