Types of Moscato You Can Drink On May 9

Types of Moscato You Can Drink On May 9

Types of Moscato You Can Drink On May 9

It’s not everyday that wines are celebrated although that is something we all very much would love. On May 9th, one of the most famous wines was given a special day! Moscato is enjoyed by many but did you know that there is more than 1 kind?

Bubbly Moscato

Can be usually bought as Asti Spumante or Sparkling Moscato these types of wine are super crisp and best enjoyed chilled. A summer afternoon at the beach can be a good pair for this, or a Thursday after that treacherous commute deserves this sweet foamy light goodness.


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Moro num país tropical 🏝🇧🇷 (e que faz AQUELE calor!) Da querida 🇮🇹, esse Moscato é uma experiência única! Não é um frisante, não é um vinho convencional… é ele mesmo! Esse Bartenura ganhou um espaço na minha adega sempre! Com toques persistentes de tangerina, melão e pêra, é aquele vinho meio seco que agrada o paladar de todos. Extremamente gelado e na beira da piscina, é uma ótima pedida pro calorzão que vem fazendo por aqui. ☀️ Vai super bem com queijos leves, sobremesas e como aperitivo. 🥂 E você, já conhece? Gostou? #napanelacomkaito #vinho #kaitoindica #moscato #moscatel #italia #vinhos #winetime #bartenura #brinde #cheers #vinhobranco #frisante #espumante #sobremesa #praia #piscina #calor #verao

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Popularly called as it is, this number is often dry but lingers with a very fruity taste that tricks your brain into thinking that is delightfully luscious. If you are on a diet, this is your best bet when you are counting those calories. Also served cold, this one can do you good when you are out with your gal pals!

Pink Moscato

One of the most loved because of its salmony beauty. Imagine tasting white wine with a hint of strawberries. This type of moscato is blended with a hint of red wine to get that very nice blush colour. As pretty as it looks, it’s also very scrumptious and comforting to the palette. You can have this on your dinner dates with bae.


Dying to have some wine? Enjoy World Moscato day and any day at the Palace! Comment below if you’ve tried our recommendations.

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