TV and Movie Characters That People Say They Hate But Might Actually Love

TV and Movie Characters That People Say They Hate But Might Actually Love

Do you ever tune in to these TV shows or watch movies and then when you think about your favorite character, it’s always the one people hate about on Twitter? For TV shows at least, sometimes these “hated” characters have turning points and then suddenly people realize they love them. For movie characters, it’s really after rewatching it when you realize they aren’t all that bad! We listed down our favorite characters that people somehow hate but we can’t seem to do anything but love below:

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Sharpay Evans

Everyone saw Sharpay Evans as one of the modern villains in the Disney channel. But all she really wanted was to make it big in theatre and can you blame her? She’s fabulous and we love her! 

Draco Malfoy

Come on, who doesn’t love a bad boy? Draco Malfoy just grew up in a Slytherin family and was only doing what he was told/taught to do. In the end, he does have a turning point of realizing that he’s wrong. He’s such a babe as a villain though. 

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Let’s be real! People might think that it should be Blair Waldorf in this list, but she gets more recognition than Serena. People wanted to be her! Serena on the other hand was a mess no one wanted to deal with, but uhm, hard relate? Sometimes it gets messy and don’t we all love a relatable character? 

Izzie Stevens

One of the OG Grey’s Anatomy doctors that was hated by the viewers and even the other characters in the show got annoyed by her. She is a lost and misunderstood doctor who just needed love and affirmations that she was doing the best that she can! TBH, she was my ultimate GA fave! 

Toby Cavanaugh

At the start of Pretty Little Liars, he was the “brother” of the dead girl. Everyone saw him as a creep and an alleged murderer. But of course, he proved that all wrong – as a twist in the show lol. And he was the sweetest boyfriend to Spencer! We loved that! 

Rachel Berry

Just like Sharpay Evans, Rachel Berry just wanted to be a star! She was an overachiever but she was also insecure and all she wanted was to fit in. We all know being in High School isn’t easy, and for people like Rachel that just makes them feel a little out of place and misunderstood. Her emotional storyline and ambition is what makes us love her. 

Klaus Mikaelson

The big bad wolf in the Vampire Diaries and Originals sagas! Well, hybrid actually – which makes him the biggest villain in the series. But his soft spot for Caroline, his siblings, and people he thinks of as friends shows that even the baddest B can be kind. 

Sansa Stark

We believe that Ms. Sansa Stark had the biggest glo up in Game of Thrones. Not just in looks but in attitude. Everyone saw her as this poor girl being pushed around and who just follows a man. But she used that perception of her to outsmart everyone! What a badass! 

Sadness from Inside Out

Sadness may have caused some chaos in there but isn’t she all our MOOD after the movie, anyways?

Erik Killmonger

We swear this has nothing to do with Michael B. Jordan being the actor here. LOLJK. Maybe a little. But also he was just trying to fight for his people and himself. He was more of a person who had opposing views rather than villain. And we love him for that! 

Who’s your fave character that everyone seems to hate? Share it with us below!

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