Are you in constant need of adventure but you always ending up getting disappointed with the contents (or lack of) your bank account?

Good news – there is actually a way to save up for that adventure budget! *hallelujah*

Of course, planning ahead is key. Whether you’re a student or is currently working, there are tons of ways to help you save your income and allowance. Wondering how? We’ve got a few tips for you that might help:

Monthly budgeting

At the start of the month, create an excel sheet and list down the things you usually spend for every month. Let’s say your phone bill, spotify subscription and the necessities. Next, you can allot your budget for night outs since, let’s be real, we don’t like getting FOMO! But be disciplined by putting a limit to how many times you go out and how much you are willing to spend on those night. Trust me if you stick to your monthly budget you will have savings.

Meal prepping

Buying from fast food chains and restaurants can get really expensive. So the perfect solution is to make bao by prepping your food. Plus side – that diet you’ve been planning on for months can now be a reality because you get to control what you’ll be eating as well. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Portion out your salary or allowances

I’m assuming, especially if you’re working, that you’ve already subtracted a portion of your salary for your savings. Portion out at least Php500-1,000 per salary cut-off, and use that for your pocket money during your trip.

For example, if you have 3 months left before your trip, that still gives you 6 cut-offs (every 15th and 30th of the month). Save up Php1,000 every time and you get to save Php 6,000! Just don’t get tempted to touch it.

Find a way to earn extra money

There are a lot of ways to earn extra cash! If you’re a student with free time, why not look for paying internships? A plus side you get experience. Other options include part-time work as a contributor to websites, a photographer to clubs or even to your parent’s businesses. Try selling your clothes online through the Carousell app or arrange a garage sale and you’ll be surprised with how much more money will come in. Kayod lang, bes!

Research, research and research

A way to prepare for your trip and know how much you’ll be needing is to research! In this day and age, everything we want to know about a country, from how much coffee is to how much entrance fees are, is widely available on the net! Check out blogs, vlogs and travel websites that will have the information you want. From there, you can estimate how much everything costs and your target pocket money.

Discipline. All you need is discipline when it comes to keeping your budget in check! If you follow the budget you set for the month, add extra savings and if you have extra income coming in – you will have savings for that much-needed vacay! Any saving tips you do too? Share it with us below!