Tipid Halloween Costumes Your Squad Can Totally Copy!

Tipid Halloween Costumes Your Squad Can Totally Copy!

If you haven’t seen the allure of Halloween now that you’re older, you might be missing out on a super fun night out! One of the best reasons to celebrate Halloween is you finally get to choose who you’re going to be instead of your parents giving you a packed costume from the toy store.

And instead of going to malls to ask for candy, you head down to the coolest clubs to dance the night away with your squad. Someone very drunk once said that the squad that dresses up for Halloween together, stays together. So we’ve super easy-to-DIY costumes that you and your squad can cop that doesn’t break the bank! Ready?

Pajama Squad


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If your squad is usually the type to stay in, you can commit to that but still go out! Wear some silk pajamas and some fluffy slippers out to a night out in town! Too lazy to do your makeup? Wear a face mask to complete your look! The best part of this costume is you can go straight to bed after a night of partying!

Mean Girls


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If this cult classic is your crew’s favorite movie ever, might was well be dressed as the Plastics for the Halloween! Get your Wednesday outfits out, after all, October 31 falls on a Wednesday this 2018! For the Regina of the group, get a cheap white tee and cut out some circles on it! Make sure your undershirt is purple If you have more than five people in your group, the others can be Janis Ian, Damian, Aaron Samuels, or even Mrs. George! Don’t forget to bring a Burn Book!

A Pack of Sims


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Nothing can be easier than adding a Sim Diamond (officially called a plumbob) to whatever you usually wear. Create a diamond from a sheet of green cartolina paper and stick it on a barbecue stick or a metal rod. You can also get a printable template of the diamond online! Attach the stick to a cap or a headband. You can mix up the cartolina color from green, orange, or red, depending on your stress level. You can also dress up in black pants, a striped shirt, and a black mask to look like the robber! Points if you talk gibberish for the rest of the night!

Coachella Cuties

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If you’ve retired your flower crowns and metallic temporary tattoos, now might be the time to bring them out again. Ultimate costume peg? Google: Vanessa Hudgens Coachella. Head down to The Island to show of your oh-so boho look!

Purge Crew


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So you’re all in the mood to smash some cars and just dance the night away right after. Wear some daunting masks and bring some rubber baseball bats and toy guns around. Have a friend who has a pick-up truck? Arrive in the party in style and ride in the back! Don’t forget to strike a posse pose while you’re there for the gram!



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So you and your squad stay up for seat sales and jet set around the world together, might as well be total tourists for Halloween! Grab a pair of Bermuda shorts and borrow a floral polo from your fave tito. Don’t forget the fanny pack, fisherman’s cap, and the camera! You can stick with your usual sneakers or go the extra mile and wear socks with some rubber slip-ons (#cringe).

The Bachelorette


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If you’re a group of young and single ladies looking for true love or just living for the night, this squad halloween costume might be for you. Pick up a rose from your local flower shop and bring out your fave cocktail gown. Who knows? Your bachelor might be waiting for you at Revel ?

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