Thursdays Never Looked This Great!

Thursdays Never Looked This Great!

Thursdays Never Looked This Great!

Remember those days when all we knew were house parties and drinking beer from a keg? Well, think of what we are about to tell you as that on steroids. We are all excited to get back to the feeling of our days in uni when there was one exact day you knew you’ll let loose, and then probably the next two days after that as well. 

Last November 14, 2019, Thursday was all sorts of fun at The Island Ph’s hippest outlet, Rum Jungle. They’re bringing back the start to the weekend when Thursday feels like a Friday and the rest is history! 

What went down was a mosh pit of people vibing to amazing underground hip-hop and R&B tracks brought to the house by Kylo X And and Shingen Ogami. The bump and grind was not complete without the awesome party hosts Moisha Cruz and Pie Amante who turned our world upside down.

The Mai Tai’s were such a hit we thought we were drinking water after a long run at the park. It was definitely a night to remember but don’t you fret, this will now become regular happening at Rum Jungle. 

Your favourite clique is bringing in more surprises, great collaborations, and a banging theme so you’ll never get enough of it! On November 21, we’re making a huge deal about the 80s so get ready and stay tuned for the next semi weekend party that will for sure change your routines. Watch out for different and unique themes every Thursday at the Island. Let your friends know that it’s time to party and start that weekend right! 

Got a theme to suggest for the upcoming ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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