This Is Why Summer Is the Best Time to Date

This Is Why Summer Is the Best Time to Date

It’s summertime! And as everyone strips to their shorts, cropped tops and slippers, you find yourself thinking where to bring bae in this scorching heat. Well, you’re in luck because the summer gods have heard your prayers, as we try to answer your question.

Here’s a list of date ideas you can enjoy with your boo this summer.

Island Hopping

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Life is simple. Just add water 💦

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This one never gets old. If you’re planning on going to the beach, might as well expand your exploration by visiting nearby islands! Know more about the place and enjoy everything it has to offer, as you make tons of memories with your SO.

Scuba Diving

Want a closer view of the sea’s magnificence? Then get you and your partner’s gears ready and dive through the waters! Experience the unrestricted, thriving life of aquatic animals as they dwell in their natural habitat.


A bit more adventurous? See where the water takes you with surfing. So many beaches offer basic lessons before you attempt to ride the waves, making this activity very popular to first-timers. If you’re a competitive couple, you can make a bet out of this – loser gives a kiss (or two). *winks*

Art Lessons

Get your hands dirty by taking some art lessons and bond through your knowledge of the arts, or lack thereof! And with your artworks as mementos, this is one unique date you will never forget.

Wine/Beer Tasting

Perfect for booze-lover couples, this activity will give you the chance to taste the latest ales and vinos while getting to know more about each other. A booze-filled, hot afternoon date? Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

Trivia Night at Your Local Bar

Put your knowledge to the test by attending a trivia night at your local bar. Combine everything you know about pop culture, music and movies to win some delicious drinks. Try your luck on The Island’s Game Night and bag some amazing prices!

Pool Party at The Island

Want to cool down and party hard at the same time? Then head to The Island for an exciting pool party! Feel the tropic vibes at the midst of the city while you and the bae enjoy drinks and games, and dance to popular throwback beats.

Know of any date ideas perfect for this summer? Share your thoughts down below!


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