This Is Why A$AP Rocky Is Called A Fashion Icon

This Is Why A$AP Rocky Is Called A Fashion Icon

Aside from his bomb music collaborations with artists such as Rihanna, Tinashe, Tyler the Creator and more, he also has a fair share of fashion collabs — may it be high-fashion or street wear, like other famous rappers. He has been called the Fashion Killa since 2016 and he has since established two personal clothing brands.


This is probably his biggest clothing collaboration to date. With his “$” branding incorporated with the brand’s name, this collection is pretty impressive as it consists of denim jackets, skinny jeans and logo tees.

JW Anderson$aprocky

From casual wear to a more sophisticated line, A$AP Rocky also did a collaboration with JW Anderson, a British fashion label. Instead of using his own name though, he used his clothing label’s name in this collab which is AWGE.

Dior Homme

He didn’t really make a collection with Dior, but he became the face of Dior Homme. This was also the time he was branded as the Fashion Killa as the JW Anderson and Guess collab only happened weeks before this.

Under Armour

Because this is his first shoe brand collaboration, A$AP made sure that he went all out. It is a very chunky type of sneakers because as he described it, it’s the perfect kind that you can use “if you want to go mosh, if you want to slam dance, if you want to jump on people’s backs and sh*t”.


Vlone is also A$AP Rocky’s own clothing line, but the difference of this street wear brand with AWGE is that he founded this with his friends. With the tagline, “you live alone, you die alone”, they are parading the Harlem branding that breaks all of the stereotypes and promotes the hood fashion. Although the brand has already collaborated with Off White, they still don’t want to tag their brand high fashion.

See for yourself this famous rapper and fashion icon at Xylo on April 4!

Which of A$AP Rocky’s fashion moment is your fave? Sound off in the comments below!

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