This Is Where You Wanna Be With Your Barkada This Wednesday

This Is Where You Wanna Be With Your Barkada This Wednesday

If there’s anything we look forward to the most in a week, it’s usually your night out with your girls. Because really, what’s not to look forward to? Good drinks and good conversations – it’s the perfect way to destress in between days filled with work, adulting..and well, more work.

While a night out with your besties already spells out fun in itself, you can never run out of ways to take the fun a notch higher. Like for instance, testing each other’s limits (and creativity!) on a super fun quiz night that consists of your interests or the most random things. Even better, spend the night with The BaR Pink Gin – a drink that tastes as good as it looks.

In case you haven’t planned anything with your best friends for the week to come, The BaR is hosting a Quiz Night at The Island on March 13, 2019! Aside from a great time, you and your friends also stand a chance to win tickets to the much awaited A$AP Rocky and a luxe hotel staycation!


Head on over to @escapetothepalace to pre-register! Get your A game on and may the best team win!

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