This Is What Everyone’s New Favourite Meme is All About

This Is What Everyone’s New Favourite Meme is All About

If there’s anything that makes Facebook entertaining other than the usual family photos, appreciation posts or life updates – it’s definitely the memes. Some would us would even say that we’re all just here for the memes, tbh.

And if you’ve been scrolling through your feed lately, you’d notice the noticeable number of Dexter’s Laboratory memes – possibly everybody’s newest favourite meme.


Just for context, this meme was actually taken from an episode where Dexter tried to learn some French and ended up only being able to say -‘Omelette du Fromage’.


Bond paper who???



Our conyo brethren are not spared, either.

And of course, the Philippines’ national favourite song as sung by the beautiful Marian Rivera. 


Perhaps it’s brought about by the heated discussions regarding the changes being made involving different languages or you know, just the usual undeniable Filipino wit. Regardless, keep them coming guys, we’re not complaining


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