Things You Shouldn’t Be Apologizing For

Things You Shouldn’t Be Apologizing For

Being Filipino, it has been natural for most of us to feel burdened on things we shouldn’t be apologizing for. At one end it seems very polite and considerate but truthfully, it has unconsciously instilled in us the guilt and feeling that we’re responsible for everything or that there’s something wrong with being who we are naturally.  Whether or not you’re the shy type, you’ve apologized for something you shouldn’t be apologizing for–and we’re here to tell you what those things are and why you shouldn’t be apologizing for these instances.

Things That Aren’t Your Fault

The heavy traffic, the storm, the heatwave are all things beyond control. You don’t have to apologize to your friend if he or she feels uncomfortable, it’s not your fault.

Sticking up to Your Beliefs

Beliefs are subjective. We don’t share the same ideals. Don’t say sorry or feel guilty if you don’t have the same opinion or belief, diversity is part of life and it’s okay if you believe otherwise or don’t believe at all.

Saying “No” to Something

“Utang na loob” is such a pain in our culture. Doing something for me that I didn’t force you to do doesn’t mean I have to do the same for you unless we agreed on exchanging favors. If not, then go ahead and say “no”, at the end of the day it’s your choice.

Asking Too Many Questions

Contrary to popular belief. asking questions is a sign of interest and intelligence, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

Your Life Choices

A great female artist once said “It’s 2017.” (in this case, 2018) and it applies to every single thing that you think wasn’t possible before but is possible and acceptable now. That includes who you like, who you want to spend your life with, or how many kids you want.

How You Look

Weight, makeup, height, outfit–they’re all yours and you control what you want with to do with them. If people cannot see beyond these things for the beauty that you really are, they don’t deserve you.

Putting Yourself First

Backing out last minute for night plans that will interfere with either your career, mental health, and overall personal growth is very acceptable. Never feel guilty for prioritizing yourself.

Not Being Interested in Someone

One word: Preference. We hall have different preferences and if you don’t click, you don’t click. No need to push things.

How You Feel

Whether you’re a very emotional person or a level-headed one, how you respond and feel towards things is entirely based on who you are as a person and if it affects other people, it’s not your fault.

Now that you know the things you shouldn’t be apologizing for, remember that’s there’s still a fine line between preferences, beliefs, and just being plain rude. Remember that there’s also a person on the other side of the table who also has preferences and beliefs that may be different from yours. You don’t always have to agree, but if you agree on accepting one another despite these differences, you’re in for a harmonious relationship.

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