Things To Do When You Get Stranded Because of The Rain

Things To Do When You Get Stranded Because of The Rain

Rainy season is definitely here and traveling from work or school to our homes can be such a hassle! So instead of forcing yourself to get home at a certain time, get stuck in traffic or get frustrated trying to find a ride back home, why not wait out the rain with some fun activities? Maybe this is your chance to take a break from all the work and treat yourself, while waiting for the rain to die down. Here are 5 activities we like doing when we’re stuck outside somewhere due to the rain:

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Find A Place To Eat

Wander around the area you’re in and see what you’ve been craving and saving for that rainy day. Well this is the time to eat, eat and eat! 

Sit and Read

Find a cafe you can chill at and start on that book you’ve been carrying around but don’t get around to reading. Or maybe, you can journal. Time to feed your creative senses. 

Reward Yourself

Shopping? Why not. If you’re in the mall, might as well buy those shoes you might really need or a new top for work? Groceries! That’s definitely something you should be doing. Or better yet, look for that perfect umbrella or rain boots – LOL. 

Drink A Cocktail or Two

Unwinding time! Scout for the nearest bar and have a drink or two, by the time you’re done the rain probably went away. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be stuck in the Uptown Area and score some Happy Hour deals at The Palace. 

Watch a Movie

Whether you’re alone or with someone, watching a movie doesn’t sound so bad! Maybe you’ve been meaning to catch a certain film, and since you’re stuck, what’s a better time to do it than now. 

What do you usually do when you’re stuck outside during a storm? Share us your activities below! 

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