Things to Do the Day Before Valentine’s If You’re Single

Things to Do the Day Before Valentine’s If You’re Single

There are a lot of things you can do to distract yourself from the fact that you have no date on Valentine’s Day. First, DGAF. Second, read this list and choose which ones would make you happy. Why wait for anyone to make you feel special when you can literally make yourself feel that?

Go Shopping

Retail therapy, sisters. Honestly though, isn’t shopping much more enjoyable and exciting than planning a Valentine’s date? Also, there will be loads of promos so make sure to take advantage of that!

Pamper Yourself

Go on a spa date with your BFFs or have some alone time. Maybe go to the salon and have a makeover? You deserve to glow up and relax!

Go on a Roadtrip With Your Squad

If you have a lot of single friends, then go hit them up and celebrate elsewhere. You might have to do it on a weekend though, considering V day is not really a holiday.

Go to the Gym

Work on that revenge body! You might not have a significant other, but at least you’re swole or toned AF.

Go Partying

Finally, go on and enjoy the night. Meet new people or just have fun with your friends! Even though you don’t have a date, you shouldn’t just sulk in your room and watch sad movies. It will just be another day that you can spend and enjoy at The Island!

Single peeps, we gotcha, always!

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