These Are The Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Your First Love

These Are The Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Your First Love

First loves come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on who you are, your first love could be an object, a character, or even an experience. Of course, we’re not going overlook the fact that your first love could be a girl or a boy. When walking out of a relationship, you don’t always walk out the same as you came in. Whether your heart was crushed into a billion pieces or not, you’re coming out smarter and stronger.

Fall in love with yourself as you take in these #LoveLessons from your first love.


Be as patient as you can

They say patience is a virtue, but it’s also a glass wall being pushed down by several of your boyfriend’s problems. If your first love was travel, maybe your walls are being rammed by long lines and lost baggage. In love, however, you must learn to make the barriers of patience even stronger.


Your closet of secrets shouldn’t always be open

A relationship with no secrets is an ideal one, according to all of those rom-coms you keep watching on Netflix. But today, we’re here to tell you that in the real world, a little secret here and there won’t hurt anyone. In fact, it might actually make things better. When unraveling the skeleton in the closet, always leave a bone fragment in the dark.


Trusting them will make you feel vulnerable

Your strong and untouchable demeanor will suddenly disappear. Be prepared, because not everybody expects it. It’s got something to do with having to lower your pride, facing your insecurities, and having to put some trust into your partner. With a first love as a hobby, perhaps horse riding or team sports taught you this. You can’t do it alone and you have to trust your partner.


Every relationship is super ma-effort

You somehow fathomed that you’ll be spending money on them. That was a no brainer, as even for those #MillennialsOnABudget, everyone wants to get their partners a little treat. No, the effort you didn’t expect to have to put in was all of this time. It’s as if you had the perfect schedule in the past, and now someone’s walked in and ruined it. Create your own time for them.


Your first love should always be yourself

Everyone enters a relationship, (commitments to teams, sports, boyfriends), expecting to give their 100% for the others. What we (yup, #MeToo) tend to forget is that we need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else. Imagine yourself as the alpha in your life and then work everything around that. Don’t forget about your physical AND mental health.


From being patient to being kind, you must have learnt a little something from your first love. Tell us what the lessons are for you in the comments section below!

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