There’s A New Dinner Spot In Town

There’s A New Dinner Spot In Town

There’s A New Dinner Spot In Town

Creating authentic memories are way harder than they used to be and we want to make that possible. A new boozy dinner place is coming to town. This is for the kids that love going out but hate the club, the ones who enjoy drinking but not getting drunk, and those that love to savour every moment with every bite, Yes, Please! Is about to change your life. 

 Yes, Please! Turns 2!
Yes, Please! Goes Back To The 90s

Umami Potato & Steak Rice

Yes, Please! Is fulfilling it’s promise by giving you a 360-degree menu overhaul, cooler drinks, and an experiential gourmet dinner all in one menu. Filled with your favourites and flavour pairings that can turn your world upside down. There are 4 new starters will definitely excite your palate, 5 main dishes to fill your stomach with a hearty goodness, and desserts that hit your heart right on the spot. It’s what you are used to but ten times better. 

Yes Please Hummus

Taste summer and enjoy starting your meal with the signature Yes, Please! Hummus filled with fried chickpeas, locally sourced kesong puti, farm grown eggplant, and just a bit f relish for that awesome after taste. 

Foie Katsu Sando

If you’re still feeling hungry and want that umami in your mouth, order a Foie Katsu sando drizzled with soy barbecue sauce, with a side of ham tartare, caramelized spam, wrapped in a brioche bun. 

Dan Dan Noodles

Slurp into the meaty goodness of the Dan Dan Noodles with a sprinkle of bacon chili garlic, sesame seeds, peanuts, topped with spicy mince pork that flavour explosion. 

Chicken Kiev

For the chicken lovers, a Chicken Kiev cooked in miso herb butter paired with comte mashed potato and bacon braised kailan is waiting for you. If you want a lighter option, the Labahita Meuniere with red rice pilaf if your best bet. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Affogato

Don’t forget to take your desserts before you go! 

Banana Tres Leches

The sweet cloudy chiffon of the Banana Tres Leches will surely melt in your mouth and for Peanut Butter fanatics, the Peanut butter chocolate affogato is waiting for you. Did we mention we also had amazing cocktails? With a great variety of carefully crafted drinks, we’re taking over the dinner scene and you are so in for a treat!

Ginger Garlic Squid

What on Earth are you still waiting for? Come over and get that hunger satisfied!


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