The Perfect Wine Pairing for Your Zodiac

The Perfect Wine Pairing for Your Zodiac

The Perfect Wine Pairing For Your Zodiac

Welcome the summer with your gal pals and pick your poison according to your zodiac sign!

Aries – Miss Nobody But Me

For the little Miss Independent of the group, she’ll start with the Sauvignon Blanc. Arieses like to face their challenges face front & head-on. With Sauvignon’s zesty acidity, an herb-y and fruity body, it is best enjoyed fresh. Just like your gal pal who is always so straightforward and uncomplicated.

Taurus – Dependable Debbie

One of the crowd favourite, Tauruses are very hardworking but also loves comfort. They are also known to be self-indulgent and when it comes to wine. Eiswein/Ice Wine suits their personalities perfectly! This wine is made with patience & perfection, crisp but sweet. Luscious on the lips and playful on the tongue. Perfect for your sensual Taurus friends!

Gemini – Stuck in the Middle?

Your Gemini girlfriend is usually hot or cold, yes or no, always stuck in the middle, not so sure where to go. They sure are flexible and adaptable to anything which makes them some of the best companions when you are a decision maker. They have this dual nature that makes them the best Tempranillo drinkers. This kind of wine has medium acidity, a medium body, and is called many names. Perfect for most dishes, Tempranillos are very much versatile with pairings, just like your Gemini sis!

Cancer – Most emotional of the group!

She is usually the most emotional and the one who takes care of everyone whilst drunk! Cancers are gentle yet complex, very nurturing, & protective. If you are a Cancer, you sure are meant for a great glass (or bottle!) of chardonnay! This type of white wine is smooth and has buttery notes. It has an after taste of bread or pineapples & bananas. Hits the sweet spot of the moms of the group!

Leo – Queen of Prim & Proper

That friend who always looks so graceful and well-kept? Even when tipsy? Those are your Leo friends for sure. Leo types are very regal, noble, & authoritative. Not in a scary sense for sure. Just like these queens, Shiraz or Syrah is the type of wine that has history. Very elegant and well balanced, this wine is set back a while and has a lot of stories to tell.

Virgo – Always the self sufficient

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They question everything, loves knowledge, & is fine with not being in the limelight. They are amazing once you get to know them but they love exploring your wits. Your Virgo friends are a perfect match to a Merlot. Easy to grow & grow old with, and very approachable to anyone.

Libra – Yes Woman!

Ever had a friend who is okay with everything? These besties of yours are always indecisive yet refined and strictly just. They are very approachable and seek nothing but harmony. They are the type that say Rose okay! Well balanced like this half red half white type of wine, your Libra ladies are sure to be on both sides of the truth.

Scorpio – Passionate Lover

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They are amazing at plotting the smartest revenge you can ever scheme for all of those scorned lovers. Scorpios are very strong, fills the room with power and likes to be right! Fill her cup with a white Zinfandel, so sweet but intense and just like that, all that sass becomes all that jazz.

Sagittarius – Fears Nothing!

As easy going and cheerful as they may be, Sagittarians love freedom and always has the feeling of needing to escape. As everyone’s favourite (along with sis Taurus), these Sags love to enjoy a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio. A most asked type of wine, just like your Archer Philosopher girlfriend, they are the delight of the party!

Capricorn – Boss of The Century

A girl with ultimate dominance in her voice, demands to be heard, and lets you know who she is in the first meeting. Full-bodied and packs a punch, she is much like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Intimidating at first but gets you hooked in no time. Be careful ‘cause you will get hooked and end up crying for help and you’ll know because she told you so.

Aquarius – Wild Child

The friendliest out of them all, super chill, and likes fun weird stuff! You cannot tell them otherwise because they are hard headed and stubborn but they do like to try new things and explore eccentric tastes. If they had a Wine Tinder, she’d probably match with a bottle of Sherry. Aged yet cool, weird yet delicious.

Pisces – Kindest Award Goes To…

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You could never go wrong with these aquatic signs. They like to go with the flow and is the nicest of the bunch. They mix well with others and is the total pairing for a Sangiovese. They are the most popular wine and one of the most balanced blends. Talk about selflessness. It’s Pisces for ya!

Found your match? Let us know if the pairing is perfect! Comment below. 



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