The Perfect Wine Gift For Your Gal Pals

The Perfect Wine Gift For Your Gal Pals


Women and libations go hand-in-hand especially during special occasions. What better way is there to catch up with your besties and spill your secrets over wine? N-O-N-E! We have summed up your girlfriends and the perfect type of wine that matches them!

Sporty Spice – Sauvignon Blanc , Sharp, Fruity, Fresh

Probably an athlete back in the day, still enjoys morning workouts, does yoga after work every MWF, and is subscribed to a Keto Diet meal plan. Her idea of a wardrobe is athleisure slash body con. With her arms and legs so toned, her taste buds are also so sharp. Only a fresh, zesty, & vibrant glass of Sauvignon Blanc can re-charge her!

Little Miss Sunshine – Rose all the way!

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She is everyone’s favourite! She loves wearing skirts and sneakers, altogether with her rattan bag. A delightful listener, and a dainty soul to accompany. Her mantra is to always go with the flow and just like a Rose, you can always depend on this one!

Ultimate Tita – Chardonnay – Gets Better With Age

A regular of Mary Grace & coffee afternoons, loves cheese rolls, has a pet cat and is into online shopping! Has Desperate Housewives on repeat in her laptop and runs a sustainable clothing line during the day. She likes to be up early but also asks to conclude the night by 10 pm. Just like a Chardonnay, she is fruity and colourful, offers good advice always and tastes better as she ages. Oopsie, we meant the wine, darling!

The Life Of The Party – Champagne/Prosecco! POP!

No doubt she is always in all the invites! She plans all the get-togethers and handles table reservations. Knows the latest wine deals and loves a good ole’ glass of cold cold bubbly. Her outfit flavor of the month is co-ords. Just like Champagne, she is light and screams fun. Probably your most extroverted girlfriend and the group’s favourite.

Shy Sheila – Sherry – Silent But Sweet.

All your girls are still figuring out what her favourite wine is. She is reserved but has really funny jokes & stories up in her sleeve. A sleepyhead that prefers afternoon delights and drinks. This gal pal is comparable to Sherry, very sweet and surprisingly full of character. Her shyness doesn’t conceal her true identity but in fact makes it more interesting. Talk about mysterious!

Rockstar Reena – Cabernet Sauvignon

THIS GIRL. I mean she will fight your haters to the death. Her favourite wardrobe staple is a jean jacket, white shirt, and ankle boots. Pair them with anything and she is good to go. Most of the time has your back when she isn’t busy trying to be a savage to her own haters. Just like a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon she is full of flavour and you can’t stop, you won’t even know what hit you.

The Mom Of The Group – Malbec

Literally takes care of everyone who gets drunk, let’s them sleep in her condo, or drives them home, gives these intoxicated females a full tender loving care. A great listener and one of the most tired. Has a lot of responsibilities but still makes time for her super women because they are important. Similar to a Malbec, she is easy to be with, very soft and is extravagantly approachable. You know she loves you! That you do.  

Who are your gal pals and what are their wine matches? Let us know by commenting below!


Cover photo grabbed from Visit Napa Valley’s Instagram page (@visitnapavalley). 

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