The Perfect Palace Club Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Palace Club Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It’s amazing and scary at the same time how astrology can be so accurate sometimes! From what we like, how we act, and who we’re compatible with, it can definitely nail things in the head. But can it tell you the best Palace club based on your zodiac sign? Read on and find out where to go for your next night out.

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Sagittarius & Aquarius: The Island

A wanderer and an intellectual, Sagittarians and Aquarians can find a thing or two to love at The Island! With Instagrammable nooks and pop-up concept bars, The Island is a gem for all curious Sagittarians looking for fun. Meanwhile, Aqurians can show off their wit on game night that we know they’ll surely ace! Add to that, popular beats from every era that both will enjoy until the sun comes up.

Cancer & Libra: Yes Please!

Enjoying activities with loved ones is something Cancers and Libras share. And where better to spend some quality time than at Yes Please! Any night becomes more fun with its variety of board games and unique cocktails to choose from. Heart-to-heart conversations, exciting games, and delicious drinks? How can these signs say no!

Virgo & Taurus: B.A.D.

Hard workers who deserve a lot of fun, that’s Virgo and Taurus! And the perfect place to show their wild side? Where else but B.A.D. These signs are admired for their loyalty and reliability but are also disliked for being analytical and stubborn. Well who doesn’t have a bad side, am I right? But embrace these things, Virgos and Taurus, and flaunt them at B.A.D. all night long!

Aries & Capricorn: XYLO

Aries and Caps are never one to miss out on the latest happenings. And at The Palace, some of the best parties are in XYLO! Dance to some of the sickest EDM hits and let LED visuals and lights pump all the energy out of you. After all, an all-sensory experience is one sure way not to let the good times pass you by!

Scorpio & Leo: Revel

Are you a Scorpio searching for a night of intrigue? Or a Leo who loves being treated like royalty? Look no further because Revel is all about both. Built for luxury and glam, this Palace nightclub hosts the most extravagant party in the metro. And for life-of-the-party Scorpios and Leos, this is the best place to party for the kings and queens that you are!

Gemini & Pisces: ALL PALACE CLUBS

Geminis and Pisces are opposite sides of the same coin; they are often different but both love to have fun. Which would make them fit to any of The Palace clubs! Fueled with curiosity and friendliness, these signs are likely to have the most fun by hopping from one outlet to another and meeting new friends to party with next weekend. Now, that’s some partying tricks we could all learn from!

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