The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket for your Special Someone

The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket for your Special Someone

The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket for your Special Someone

Time flies fast and the holiday season just eased itself without anyone even noticing! As we try to live through a pandemic, a lot of circumstances have changed even celebrations have become very different. We are now more focused on the present, not wasting time and money on things and experiences that won’t fulfill us! Gift giving has changed as well, there’s no need for anything flashy but something that might keep your special someone warm on the outside and the inside even when you are apart, for now will be something they will appreciate. We came up with the perfect basket to give your loved one, as if you are giving them a warm tight hug!


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A Christmas Wreath Made from Organic Plants from Sparks Home

Yes, you hear it right! This is a thing and it can last you for about 3-6 months. These hand-crafted wreaths are made in the loving home of this couple that wishes to share the Christmas love with you and your special one too. Smell the scents of fresh leaves and the breeze you miss when you are in a different country during these times! Bring the smell of pine trees and holiday cheer into your loved one’s home. 


A Hand Sanitizer

Why not right? This is just a reminder that you are always thinking of them, and their health and safety. Plus, you can also have peace of mind that they’re spraying all the germs away wherever they go!

A Kimono from Rafikimono

Want to give something very luxurious? Get your loved one a kimono from Rafikimono. The fabric is luscious and the prints are very interesting. They can wear it at home, when they are working, or even outside if they are willing! This versatile piece can make your BB feel special anytime!


A Bottle of Chivas 13

What’s a little liquid to keep your insides warm and fuzzy right? Share the tangyness and sweetness of the Chivas 13 to your bae. Have a glass or two and share a drink over at Zoom so its as if you are on a date on a cold December night waiting to kiss under the mistletoe. The spicy and honey notes can remind you of the delightful memories you have shared as you face another year and spend another Christmas together as if you’re having a choco chip gingerbread cookie! 


A Whiskey wedge, a jigger and a cocktail shaker

Glassware and drinkware is always important in a gift basket! Make sure your honey bunch is always ready to pour a glass especially when the Christmas rush and nostalgia comes up. They might be apart from you but drinks and moments you share will always be priceless. Clink those glasses and look forward to the days you’ll get to spend the holidays together again. You’ll never know, they might have drink recipes under their sleeves.


Inabel Blankets from

It’s the season of BRRRR and since a lot of us are always at home, a good and reliable blanket is a very thoughtful gift. You can tell your sweetie that this is how you will show your affection for each other for now. The warmth and comfort these blankets can offer is close to a very tight hug from you! They also come in beautiful, vibrant, and solid colours. 


Baskets from Tahanan Furniture

What’s a gift basket without a basket right? Locally sourced and hand made by craftsmen from Tanza Cavite, collecting those goodies and putting them together in a mindfully sourced basket can really complete the package and show your special someone that you put in effort and your love when you created this gift set for them. The baskets are also very beautifully created that they can be a room staple! 

What a smart way to gift right? Show your love and get these items for your babe!


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