The Perfect Drink for You Based on Your Fave TV Show

The Perfect Drink for You Based on Your Fave TV Show

TV Shows are an amazing escape from life’s sucky moments. Whether your fave show is a Netflix hit or a 90’s cable classic, TV shows are totally addicting. Whether you see yourself in the characters or just love the twists and turns, these shows can also help predict the next thing you’re going to drink from the bar!

You should explore your options when ordering something in the bar! Ditch the usual Gin/Rum and Soda! Here’s what you should order when you have separation anxiety from your fave TV show on your next night out! 


Sex and the City = A Forever a Bridesmaid (P380) from Run Jungle or A Mega Moscow Mule (P380) from Yes Please

Synonymous to the TV show, a Cosmopolitan might be what you would typically order if you adore Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. However, if you want to explore and try something new, Rum Jungle in The Island has something for you! It’s a silky sour style cocktail with a right kick of sweetness. And if you’re bringing the girlies with you, try the Mega Moscow Mule from Yes Please! Sharing is caring, right?


Scandal = A Sauvignon Blanc from B.A.D. or a Girl Scout Colada (P380) from Yes Please

Nothing says “I’ve had a bad day” for Olivia Pope than a filled-to-the-brim glass of wine and some popcorn.  B.A.D. has a selection of red and white wine sold per bottle (ranging from P320 for a glass to P1500-P2450 per bottle). If you’re not so much into wine, consider the Girl Scout Colada from Yes Please, after all, Olivia and Mellie are the true girl scouts in that show.


Mad Men = An Old Fashioned (P320) or a Le Gaston (P380) both from Yes Please

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While the ad men on this show might have gone to work to drink, IRL you go to work first then drink. Toast to the 1950s with a classic Old Fashioned the signature go-to of SC&P employees. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, opt for a the Le Gaston. It’s brawny, strong, and its flavors are  totally in your face.


Stranger Things = A Darla’s Fizz (P380) from Yes Please

You’re a huge fan of mysteries and adventures and this drink is perfect to quench your curiosities. A drink inspired by the sweetness of strawberries, this crowd fave’s flavor palette leans more towards the sweeter side. That red hue in the drink totally reminds us of the show’s opening sequence!


Riverdale = A Milkshake, DUHHH.

This one is a no brainer. Re-live your favorite TV Show with B.A.D.’s range of milkshakes! Spend a night with the experience of Pop Tate’s Diner! After all, all the cook kids hand out in B.A.D.!


Gossip Girl = A Mangrove Manhattan (P380) from Rum Jungle

A show dedicated to the beautiful mess that is New York City, you should order a drink that hails exactly that. The Mangrove Manhattan is a tropical twist on the legend, it’s made a little less dry with the addition of pineapple rum and banana liqueur.


HIMYM = A Draft Beer from The Brewery

A good larger or a stout should be your drink tonight! The Brewery has the best brews in The Palace! Get your legen-wait for it-dary night a start with a good pint!


Bojack Horseman = A Kona Storm or  Ka Hewa Punch

While Bojack is usually seen with a bottle of vodka alone, why not switch it up a bit and be less like Bojack? Get a drink for sharing with your squad, to feel less alone… like Bojack #SadReactsOnly

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