The Palace Listening Room feat. DJ Katsy Lee

The Palace Listening Room feat. DJ Katsy Lee

The Palace Listening Room feat. Katsy Lee

We all miss partying at the Palace but until we are all allowed to do so, we are sure that more than the drinks, the place, and the company, we sure miss the great music that comes along with it. The Palace DJs truly know what they are doing and they can help you unwind and forget about the challenges you face in life when you listen to their tunes. Now that we are all trying to adapt to a new kind of lifestyle, The Palace Manila brings us another unforgettable weekend. 

Join in as DJ Katsy Lee brings out the best of her music to the Island via the Palace Listening Room. This all new zoom party series will feature the different DJs of the Palace outlets. Opened by DJ Euric Lumanog a few weeks ago for Revel. 

So simple yet so fun right? This zoom party is a listening party with all participants only allowed to talk/chat with their friends via the text chatroom. It’s uninterrupted pure bliss of the great music brought to you by DJ Katsy Lee. Sounds fun? What’s even more interesting is that you can see the other participants and talk in the chatroom. It’s as if you are at the Palace grounds itself meeting new people. 

Rockin’ a great OOTD? The best dressed party people will even get a chance to be highlighted in the zoom party. Just another intimate party Friday with a virtual twist. No need to worry about entrance fees or guest list because it’s totally free to join! 

Set up your speakers, get your outfits ready, order some pica and booze from the Palace at Home, and invite your barkada for a night full of new memories and experiences. 

What are you waiting for? Go to to join! See you there. 

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