The Only DIY Cocktail Recipes You’ll Need

The Only DIY Cocktail Recipes You’ll Need

The Only DIY Cocktail Recipe You’ll Need

As cities transition to the General Community Quarantine there are less restrictions when it comes to purchasing goods that we need for our everyday lives. The liquor ban has also been lifted in most cities giving us a little piece of silver lining during this pandemic. You can now stock up on your favourite spirits and craft your favourite cocktails at home. Here’s a list of DIY cocktail recipes that you can easily do whenever, wherever, however! 

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Old Fashioned 

What You’ll Need: 3 dashes Angostura Bitters, 60 ml Whiskey, Sugar Syrup

Procedure: Pour all the ingredients in a glass and stir. Add ice and keep stirring. Add an orange peel for garnish. It’s one of the easiest drinks to make and you do not even need much to start.

Whiskey Sour 

What You’ll Need: Egg Whites (optional), 30 ml Lemon or any Citrus, Sugar Syrup to your preference, 60 ml Whiskey

Procedure: pour the whiskey, citrus, and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker. You can use any container with a lid if you don’t have one at home. If you are adding egg whites, shake them all without ice first. Then, add ice and shake again. Pour it in a glass and it’s totally up to you if you want to add ice or not. Enjoy the smoothness and the subtle hit. 

The Mask 

What You’ll Need: 15 ml Lime, 30 ml White Wine, 30 Cucumber Juice, 15 ml Sugar Syrup, 45 ml Vodka, 15 ml Green Apple Syrup or 2 Green Apple Wedges

Procedure: Put everything in a blender. Add ice and blend again! It helps if you have crushed ice so it blends faster. Pour the refreshing concoction on a highball glass or any tall glass. Garnish with a slice of cucumber. This cocktail is perfect for the ultra hot days that we all can’t bear!


What You’ll Need: 2.2 ml Lime Juice, 60 ml Mulled Wine (6 cloves, 1 grated nutmeg, 1 bottle of Red Wine, 100 ml orange juice, 3 cinnamon sticks) or any Red Wine that you have already opened, Cinnamon Sticks, 15 ml Apple Syrup or Honey, 15 ml Cognac

Procedure: Make sure to simmer the Mulled Wine in a pot for 10 minutes or until the spices have incorporated. Set it aside and let it cool. Combine all ingredients for the Sangria in a shaker. Add ice and shake to your heart’s desire! Strain a wine glass with ice and pour the Sangria. Garnish with a torched cinnamon stick and enjoy. This drink is perfect for your Zoom meetings or if you want to unwind at home with your family on a beautiful afternoon. 

Pulp Fiction

What You’ll Need: 30 ml Cherry Coke, 10 pcs. Mint Leaves, 45 ml Whiskey, 22 ml Lemon Juice

Procedure: Pour all ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Shake the mix and strain when you pour it on a glass. Garnish with a Mint sprig and a Lemon wheel. It’s super easy you can make a whole batch for you and your home crew!

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

What You’ll Need: 50 ml Tequila, 10 ml Mezcal, 1 bar spoon of Agave Nectar, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Procedure:  Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake the concoction. Put ice on a rocks glass and pour the mixture. Shave an orange peel and squeeze at the mouth of the glass. Garnish the drink with the orange peel. Enjoy your Netflix and chill with this drink!

Moscow Mule 

What You’ll Need: 30 ml Lime, 90 ml Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale, 45 ml Vodka, 22 ml Sugar Syrup

Procedure: Put the Vodka, Citrus and sugar syrup in a glass, Mix it and fill the cup up with ice. Top it off with ginger beer and enjoy the kick of your ice cold drink!


What You’ll Need: 15 ml Sugar Syrup, 22 ml Orange Liqueur, 30 ml Fresh Lime Juice, 50 ml Blanco Tequila

Procedure: Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake until chilled and pour on all salted rim glass. Enjoy a light and refreshing drink with your loved ones!

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