The Inner Workings of a Girl Boss as Told by Patty Ang

The Inner Workings of a Girl Boss as Told by Patty Ang

“I want women to feel powerful and extraordinary every time they wear my pieces and when they do, it gives a good feeling.” spoken like the true girl boss that she is, Patty Ang seems to have it all figured out.


In today’s world where women everywhere aspire to be their own “girl boss,” a confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of simply settling in life, many of us wonder, what does it really take to become one of these inspiring women? And lucky for us, we took the opportunity to get to know just what it took for one of the country’s leading girl bosses to do exactly what we all aspire to–live a life of passion.

At an early age, Patricia “Patty” Diane Ang had already known where her true heart lies–fashion. As one of the country’s top fashion designer, making her name here and all over the globe and having her pieces constantly worn by elegant women in magazines and in red carpets, it seems daunting how she was able to rise up and stand out in the competitive world of fashion.


From her journey as a fashion designer, her personal preferences when styling herself, her inspirations and daily makeup essentials, we got to dig deep and know the inner workings of this real-life girl boss’ story, and how success and being your own person calls for you to #NeverFakeIt.



/ESCAPE: When did you heed the calling of being a fashion designer?


During high school I knew I wanted to have a store, I even started my logo when I was in high school, I just wasn’t sure what store what I wanted back then. During college, I knew I wanted to study fashion but I ended up pursuing a different degree instead. But I started a fashion line while in college–Alexa, the name of my daughter, but it did not reach the pinnacle of its success at the time. After college, I gave fashion a second chance. I studied again and all the effort led to where I am now. It was a work in progress. I don’t think you’d find out who you want to be if you haven’t really tried.


/ESCAPE: What was the journey like?


It’s been a long journey, both good and bad, but it was all really tyaga–hard work. (it all boils down to hard work). When I was starting out, I had no clients, I worried about how I’ll get the word out and show my collection, and that I had only one sewer. I would give him things to make and from there, my RTW was born. And now it’s a big part of us (the brand). There were a lot of things that we’ve gone through, but even with the bad, good always comes out of it.

/ESCAPE: Is there anything you had to let go to pursue your dream?


It’s more of my time with my boyfriend and my daughter that I gave up in a way because of all the shows and handling clients and they’ve been really understanding about it. I’m really lucky. It’s good that I handle my own time, and in your career, you want to strike while the iron’s hot, be always on the go, create new ideas. Fortunately, they do understand and I make sure that I always make it up to them in other ways.


/ESCAPE: What about regrets? Do you have any?


No. Everything that I’ve gone through, even with having a daughter at such a young age, it built my character, it gave me strength, it was the stepping stone to where I am now. So whatever I had to go through before, it was all worth it.


/ESCAPE: In a world of fakes, how does one #NEVERFAKEIT?

You can see one’s personality from the way they dress up. You can never fake it.

/ESCAPE: Moving on to your creations, why do you love creating dresses?


It all started with my fascination with clothes. What I want to wear and what I want to show the world. It started with that. But over time you discover different things and why you want to do certain things. It’s mostly I want women to feel powerful and extraordinary every time they wear my pieces and when they do, it gives me a good feeling.


/ESCAPE: How do your creations relate to women everywhere?


I can’t speak for everyone, us designers have our own market and our own set of women who believes, and has that same aesthetic as you do. I have my set of women who have their own taste, their own beliefs, their own style–it speaks from their day-to-day activities. It’s all different for each and everyone.


/ESCAPE: If you were to wear just one outfit of your own collection, what would it be?


I would always wear a loose white top with sleeves. It’s also an advantage of being a female designer because we know our body the most and I know my market, what they want and what they don’t. It’s really an advantage for us women to really know what other women want.


/ESCAPE: What real-world tips will you share to aspiring girl bosses everywhere?


Be yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, be true to yourself and #NeverFakeIt. I was lucky that at a young age, I found and knew my passion. So for other people who don’t know yet, just try. Believe in yourself. Do what you want to do. Never stop trying because you don’t always get it on the first try, you’ll get it on the second or third, or sometimes longer. Trust the process. Enjoy every obstacle you go through. Just as long as you’re passionate about it, you’ll get through it.

/ESCAPE: Everything seems to move really fast in your world, what are your go-to makeup essentials?


Eyebrow pencil, blush, lip tint, and NARS Climax Mascara for a simple but put-together look.


/ESCAPE: What is your go-to style/look?


Before I love dressing up but now it’s jeans and a white shirt. I feel overwhelmed by thinking of ideas every day so I don’t want to think any more of dressing up. So everyone knows me as just in a white shirt and jeans, for Christmas, I get a ton of white shirts.


/ESCAPE: Say, you’ve been asked to immediately fly out for work, what items will you bring?


We need to be presentable with clients so light foundation, eyebrows, blush, lip tint, and NARS Climax Mascara for that added volume.



/ESCAPE: Give us a few words that best describe yourself and your story.


Passionate. Independent. Real. Authentic. Girl boss.

Be your true self and make sure to #NeverFakeIt. Make sure to start by grabbing yourself a NARS Climax Mascara to enhance the beauty already natural within you. Start your #NeverFakeIt journey by dropping by NARS boutiques located in Rustans, Glorietta, and BGC Central!

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