The FUNNIEST comments from The Palace Manila’s ECQ Live Streams

United at The Palace, The Palace Manila

The FUNNIEST comments from The Palace Manila’s ECQ Live Streams

We’re not even going to lie, we miss all of you ever since we were forced to close our doors because of the Coronavirus. It’s tough being apart but don’t worry, we miss all you more than ever which is why we launched our Stay at Home sessions and United at the Palace.

Free LIVE Streams from your fave Palace DJs, some inside their personal studios, some right inside The Palace to give you the ultimate party experience. Yes, we did that and if you don’t know about it, we need to talk! You’re missing out! We’ve listed down our fave party-goers with the funniest comments EVER. Check if your comment made the list!

Sorry! We hope your neighbors had fun!

You go party with whoever you want bruh! This is free for all! 

DAMN STRAIGHT. This virus can’t kill our party life!

This girl looking for where the AFAMs are. Sis they’re at home but we’re sure they’ll be a The Palace soon! *wink wink* 

This home party head knows how to party even with a liquor ban.

KEEP IT PG FRIENDS, your parents might see you!

To the live stream party goers who probably got a little too friendly…

We’re sure some people were tuned in for the comments. We were! Hahaha!

Even GP Reyes was tuned in! 

This funny request from a fan that got us trippin. 

Some people having major sepanx, some joking to go home safe. WE MISS U ALL, FRIENDS HUHUHU

The regulars, we miss you the most. 

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The Palace Manila: Your favorite wingman since forever. 

To the boys and girls who get a wheelchair over a Grab going home, there’s a special place in our hearts for you. We’ll get all out best wheelchairs ready for when we re-open… All just for you <3

“Strict parents ko eh.”

Are you brave enough to let your TikTok self out on the dance floor IRL?

These girls who know the importance of face masks, gloves, and hydration. We love you both, we’ll see you in The New Normal PC (Post-Corona)

Even our Palace DJs were spotted supporting each other in the comment. Ace, we see your comment and we’re gonna wait for that bottle! This supportive vibe is what we live for!

Don’t be #weak. Stay up with us all night loooooong. 

The first shot we’ll be taking when all of this is done WILL HIT HARD. Don’t take shots for granted. ever. again. 

To our frontliners, when we open our first group toast will be for you! Also, sana all padalhan ng drinks. 

These peeps that look familiar…

Regulars, we see you and we miss you just as much! Huhu


This guy fan-girling/fan-boying over his idols! Cute! 

This comment that we have to admit happens to kids with strict parents.

Hmm… Should we open a Palace Annex?

This fan that knows how to party at home properly.

We miss you more. Ahyiieeeeeeee!

Drop yah comments at United in the Palace and help us raise funds for UNICEF! Let’s dance and donate!

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