Hello, hello. Tita K here.

Heartbreaks are the worst, whether they’re your own or your friend’s. Most times, the immediate follow-up are the words “Inom tayo“. While “a few drinks to forget” are fine (ish), you have to be sure you don’t go overboard.

Please lang. Don’t stress out your Tita K.

But of course, Tita K still has your back with all your problems and needs. Here are a few tips for sad drinking sessions.

DON’T: Drink with strangers.

DO: Surround yourself with your squad.

Remember, fam, safety first. A broken heart cannot be trusted to judge the intentions of random strangers so leave it with people who know it the most: the “Ëœkada. If you’re feeling down and want to drink, bring friends. If it’s your friend who’s depressed and wants to drink, go with them, even if you don’t want to drink (this is me always #char) because you need to watch over them and show them you love them.

DON’T: Drink in seedy bars.

DO: Drink at home (as much as possible).

You (or your heartbroken friend) are in no state to walwal. Let this be a chillnuman. Drink at home where you can control the environment, the mood, the music, even the drinks you serve. (Bam, I even have a guidebook for that! Yes, I’m prepared.) Plus, passing out and/or finding a ride for your friends’ drunk asses won’t be a problem.

DON’T: Drink shots.

DO: Drink cocktails.

Shots (especially tequila, just don’t) to an emotionally hurting person is like bleach to a stained silk blouse: sure it will remove the stain but it will definitely damage the threads in the process. Mix some cocktails instead, put some love into it. Treat it like a bonding sesh, like you’re doing something fun with friends because really babe, that’s what the night is for. Not the quick band-aid fix of pure vodka.

DON’T: Leave your sad friend hammered and alone.

DO: Stay for the evening.

Sleeeepoooverrr! I cannot stress this enough. Do not leave your sad drunk friend alone!! I mean, duh? If you are sad and drunk, ask your friends to stay over. If they don’t want to, find new friends. “Sad” + “drunk” is a terrible combo that is only slightly better if you add “with friends” in the equation. Don’t me, bes. That’s simple math.

DON’T: Drink to be happy.

DO: Drink to be happier.

The best advice Tita K can give you is that it’s better to reserve the booze for celebrations and happy moments. Honey, alcohol isn’t going to wash the hurt away. At best, it can make it more manageable. What does help? People who love you. And there are many. So next time someone asks you “Inom tayo, please?” say yes. They don’t need the alcohol, they need you.

Have any other tips for sad drinking sessions? Have anything you want to #AskTitaK? Hit us up in the comments below!