The Dangers of Not Checking What’s In Your Drink

The Dangers of Not Checking What’s In Your Drink

Just recently, news of the untimely demise of a young woman after consuming the now controversial Cosmic Carabao gin went around through social media. As narrated in a series of tweets by a netizen under the handle @oblation_nation, two young women went into a coma shortly after consuming the said beverage. 

We’re all for having fun and being adventurous but if there’s anything that these unfortunate circumstances could teach us is, it’s that we always have to be careful about what we drink. Consuming mindlessly can lead to a couple of consequences or even worse — death. 

As it turns out, Cosmic Carabao Gin contains Methanol in high levels which caused the poisoning. Aside from Methanol, it’s also worth keeping in mind that without thorough preparation or careful selection of ingredients, your drinks could end up with harmful substances. 

We did our homework and did just a little bit of research on the matter. With that, here’s a list of things that can be brought about by mindlessly consuming drinks that have ingredients that are not necessarily FDA approved: 


Headaches or Migraines 

Apart from headache being typical manifestation of a hangover, it’s also because your blood vessels get dilated after drinking. Imagine what more when a poisonous substance enters your body through your beverage.  Much like ingesting food that’s already gone bad – toxins can cause dehydration which can leave you with a throbbing feeling in your head. 


Consuming alcohol that’s too concentrated can cause inflammation in your stomach’s lining. Whenever the body ingests foreign matter that is poisonous, it will automatically try to get it out. Vomiting is usually your body’s way of quickly getting out anything toxic that has been ingested. 

Alcohol Poisoning 

Alcohol, by itself, already contains toxins. Drinking copious amounts within a short period of time a.k.a binge drinking can result to overdose. Pair that with ingesting something poisonous and the end result could be lethal. 


Yes, worst case scenario — even death. Similar to what happened in the Cosmic Carabao Gin incident, things can go out of hand real quick and can result to death. 

Instances like these can be avoided. We’ve listed down a couple of tips too: 

Eat Well. Eat Heavy, If You Must. 

You know how some people joke that breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day, it’s the one that you have right before drinking? There actually is some truth to the statement. According to science, eating a full meal before drinking actually slows down your body’s alcohol absorption. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach because it can be VERY dangerous. 


Ask & Check the Label 

If you’re trying out a new cocktail, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your bartender what’s in it or how they made it. If you’re drinking by the bottle, double check the label to make sure that what you’re about to consume has actually passed through the necessary safety procedures. 


Drink Water 

Aside from lessening the chances of you waking up with a really bad hangover, drinking water in between alcoholic concoctions keeps you hydrated. Hence, flushing the alcohol out of your system. 

If Something Feels Off, Just Don’t 

If something already feels off right after your first sip, don’t finish it off. 


Don’t Accept Drinks from Strangers 

….and don’t drink from beer bottles you didn’t open. If possible, have the bartender concoct the drink in front of you. 


Seek Medical Help Immediately

When the need arises – whether it’s an unusual feeling after drinking or a hangover that’s way too intense, seek help immediately. 


Party hard but always drink moderately. Happy Weekend! 

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