Thanks to Robert Downey Jr, the entire world can expect to see the penultimate showdown a little earlier. Everything Marvel Studios and Disney have done has been leading up to this moment. They built up these heroes and now they might just take them away. The ultimate mashup of everyone in the Marvel cinematic universe, the film will see Thanos finally make his way to Earth in search of the Infinity Stones in the upcoming film Avengers: Infinity War.

We know his first stop is Wakanda, home of the Black Panther we love so much, and from what we know from the trailer, he has an army. We’re pretty sure not everyone’s going to make it out alive. Here’s who we think might not make it, from least to most important.


Clint Barton’s always talked about how he’s just a man with some arrows. The mortality of the normal, non-powered humans are going to be questioned, and we’re guessing that he just won’t make it through. Especially when you consider how he’ll try to act extra heroic to make up for Quicksilver sacrificing himself for the archer in Age Of Ultron.


At the end of the second Guardians Of The Galaxy film, we saw Nebula turn towards the good, although she didn’t choose to join her sister’s pseudo family. Leaving instead to attempt to kill her father Thanos, we know she’ll fail or won’t be able to reach him until Earth, which is exactly what brings her here. Her death would push Gamora into a rage, and will put her into another “I lost a sibling” character arc.


This one’s plain and simple. Unless Tony Stark develops a way for Vision to live without the mind stone on his forehead, he is absolutely toast when Thanos comes by to collect, as we see in the Infinity War trailer. This could be yet another for-character-progression type of kill, with his death further scarring the Scarlet Witch.


Everybody loves Loki. Who can hate him? Charming his way from the Thor and Avenger movies, this trickster’s easily become a fan favorite. Too bad we’ll have to let him go. During the final battle in Thor: Ragnarok, we saw that Loki’s been able to get his hands on an infinity stone. We also saw Thanos pull his ship up on theirs during the post credits scene. 1+1= Thanos will kill Loki.  

Steve Rogers

We say Steve Rogers and not Captain America because, from what we assumed from Civil War, that title is long gone. This is just plain old Steve, fighting for the world. The patriotic hero’s death would motivate all of the heroes to band together, as well as set up the stage for either the Falcon or Bucky Barnes to become the next Captain America.

With Marvel reportedly scheduling NINE (!!!) more movies from 2020-2022, you can rest easy knowing that some of your newer faves like Black Panther and Doctor Strange for example, are going to walk out of this mess unscathed. We may be right and we may be wrong, but someone’s definitely going. It’s just the laws of modern cinema! Who will you miss most should they hit the dirt? Tell us in the comments below!