The 2019 Fashion Forecast is here!

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The 2019 Fashion Forecast is here!

Another year has gone and pass yet again. Along with the switch of calendars, it’s also time to give your wardrobe an update. Welcome to 2019, the year we highlight smarter fashion and give homage to the 90s. We’re in love with the incoming fashion trends because they’re totally wearable for your daily, from the office to the club!



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One of the main fashion forecasts for 2019 is the continuous rise of sustainable clothing. Be it thrift shopping, appraising your clothes, or simply buying clothes from ethical and environmental brands.

Shop smart, boys and girls!



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To match your nude lips, get some clothes in beige because they literally match everything. Beige is the new black! It’s subtly sexy and up-right sophisticated!

Neon and Pastels


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If you don’t love the neutrality of beige, you can keep on wearing your colorful faves in pastel or neon. With pastels being huge the past few years, it’s still here to stay but it will slowly make a French exit with neon taking over.

One Shoulder


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It’s true when they say less is more. While off-shoulder tops made a fabulous claim the past two years, this 2019 it’s time to be less hubadera with the one-shoulder top. It’s a totally modern take on the one-shoulder look!

Silk and Sparkly


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Wondering what to wear when you hit the club this 2019? Opt for the subtle sexiness of satin and the stand-out-sparkle of sequins. Stock up on some satin tops that you can wear both in the office and the bar! Sequin pieces, on the other hand, should be incorporated into your daily outfits subtly! However, you can definitely go all out on the sequins for a night out. We approve this for a fun night out at Xylo or Yes Please!



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Following Women Empowerment and Ms. Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s coming home in a white suit after winning the crown, SUITS ARE ALL THE RAGE. The first thing you should buy this 2019 has to be a power suit that will let you slay in the boardroom and the dance floor. The fashion forecasts also show that suits in bright colors and prints are the way to go!

Tonal Dressing


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Tonal dressing is taking the runways by storm. This trend lets you wear your fave color in different tones. Like pink? Go for a Millennial pink top, a neon pink top, and a blush pink sandal. Go all out on one color this 2019!

More 90s Looks


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When we were kids, we were limited to wearing what our parents made us wear. This 2019, the fashion forecast lets you dress up in your childhood’s glory! Think cycling shorts, tie dye prints, and Cher’s iconic yellow plaid skirt! Wear this in Yes Please or The Island!

Utility Wear


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Remember when the world hated fanny packs until the world tried fanny packs and then the world loved fanny packs because of its functionality? Yeah, this 2019 expect more clothing pieces to be focused on functionality and comfort. Cargo pants, bermuda shorts, DRESSES WITH POCKETS?! We’re living in the future.

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