The Palace Halloween Ball, a.k.a. that time of the year when everyone’s allowed to go over the top is no doubt /ESCAPE’s kind of holiday. For this year’s ball, Valkyrie Nightclub went for a Mystic Garden theme (anyone saw the huge-ass mystic angel display and the sick production?), while we teamed up with the newly-opened late-night breakfast bar, B.A.D., for Netflix and Chill“”where we saw a ton of River Vixens (seriously, how many were they??) just like 2016’s tired-but-tried Harley Quinn. LOL. Revel and Yes Please, on the other hand, served some legit freaky vibes with their corresponding themes, Horror Show and Thriller.

And of course, we had eyes everywhere””judging everyone’s scary and slutty costumes””and in true Halloween fashion, we’re rounding up our most fave looks for y’all to see. Here’s our top 20 picks from last night’s Halloween shenanigans:

Colonel Sanders and his kween

Jack Sparrow

River Vixens with a vampire member?

The zombie you shouldn’t mess with

Gore Ursula

Cersei Lannister with the Night King???

Wonder Woman

Preggy Queen Bey


Zombie Red Riding Hood

Harry Potter

Baby and the babysitter

It‘s Georgie and her paper boat

Disney Villains

Tinder Match

Female Woody and Buzz”¦ as a couple?

Mario Brothers (and sisters??)

Spider Girl with a dozen extra set of googly eyes

Asian foxy girl

A not-so-dead corpse

Are you any one of these or do you see your friends in this list? Comment down below and tag them to let them know that their witty and extra AF costumes paid off!