Texting Your Crush 101

Texting Your Crush 101

Ok, so, here’s the sitch : you’ve finally gotten past the “hi, hello” stage with your crush. You’re now on semi-regularly ~talking~ (lol, texting) terms. YAY, YOU!

But here comes your dilemma : how do I text my crush without making it seem like I already planned our future ahead, including the names of our three kids?

A list of tips that might be helpful, right about now coming up. 

Keep Your Cool

Just be yourself. And we mean, your real, natural, awesome self. You wouldn’t wanna freak him (or her) out.

Talk About the Things You Know About Them

If you’re on semi-regularly texting terms, it’d be safe to assume you’re up on each other’s social media radars. Talk about the things you learn about them through their social media. This makes for good small talk topics.

Find Your Hook

Plain & simple : look for that one thing you have in common and LATCH on it. If you and your crush both have dogs – you can casually ask how theirs is doing. If you watch the same series or have read the same book – you can talk about that too. 

Memes and GIFs Are Your Friends

A wise person once said, when you’re out of words, let memes & GIFs do the talking. Plus points if they love memes too. Just make sure you stick with non-controversial topics.

Make Hanging out Again the Goal of Your ~Texting~ Phase

If down the road you realize that you’re actually down for them, make hanging out again your next goal. Remember : the REAL deal happens in the REAL world. Which leads us to our next point —

Save the Malandi Hirits and the Level 2 Sweet Gestures for When You’re Actually Hanging out

Like we’ve said earlier, you wouldn’t wanna freak them out. At least if you’re together, you’d be able to play things by ear and see their reactions or get a feel of whether or not they’re actually down for you too.

Any other tips you wanna share? Let us know in the comments!

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