Lover, Explained: /ESCAPE Over Analyzes Taylor Swift’s Fresh Album

Lover, Explained: /ESCAPE Over Analyzes Taylor Swift’s Fresh Album

Admit it or not, a Taylor Swift album release almost always feels like a monumental event. Once it drops, everyone suddenly puts on their earphones or blasts their speakers, ready to over analyze everything and put the puzzle pieces together to get a big picture of the pop star’s personal life. 

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On August 23rd, Taylor’s seventh studio album has finally dropped with 18 songs, which is by far her album that has the most number of tracks. After her dark snake-filled Reputation era, Taylor emerged happy and unbroken surrounded by pastel colors in Lover. On this album, she shows off everything she can do. She gathered  all the elements we loved from her previous albums, collected it, and put all of it in this career-topping masterpiece of an album.

From the country anthems of Fearless and Speak Now, her guitar ballads in Red, her pop songs about romantic adult experiences in 1989, and her dark and shady lyrics on Reputation, everything is here. Every trick she learned along her musical journey is on Lover. 

Currently, just days after it was released, Lover has become the best-selling album of 2019. Here are three of the best tracks from Lover and our personal analyzation on it.

Cruel Summer

Co-written and produced by Jack Antonoff and St. Vincent, Cruel Summer easily stands out as one of the best tracks on the album. With the stellar production and even more amazing song writing, Taylor took us back to her roller coaster summer. Taylor sings of a complicated relationship with a new partner. 

To us,with lines like ‘It’s cool, that’s what I tell them, no rules, unbreakable heaven’, it almost sounds like she’s singing about a casual relationship that became more complicated because she developed feelings when she wasn’t supposed to. And when she passionately sang “I don’t want to keep secrets just to keep you,” we’re 90% convinced we’re right.

Cornelia Street

In Cornelia Street, Swift sings of nostalgia about a love that took place in well– Cornelia Street. As a true hopeless romantic, Taylor associates places with people she spent time with. And in Cornelia Street, she constantly walked the street holding hands with her lover that if her lover ever leaves her, she would be so heartbroken that she will be unable to walk on that street again. 

The song is basically about a new love that feels so good, that you can’t help but get scared about the day it might all end.

Of course, the majority of people assume it’s about her long-time beau, Joe Alywn. But there are some who are convinced that it’s about her rumored relationship with best friend Karlie Kloss who was once seen sneaking into Taylor’s apartment located in, well yes, in Cornelia Street.

The Man

Probably the most lyrically important song in the album, The Man explores Taylor’s experiences as a woman in the music industry because let’s be real here, people would be kinder to Taylor and her mistakes along the way if she were a man. She sings about sexist double standards that she has been experiencing ever since she entered the industry at a young age. I’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man. Cause if I was a man, then I’d be the man.” 

What was your favorite Lover track? Tell us in the comments below!

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