Tagay 101: How To Take Shots Like A Pro

Tagay 101: How To Take Shots Like A Pro

Shots are a standard in almost all parties involving alcohol. You can’t escape them. If you’re new to shots, there’s one major thing you have to get used to: the burning sensation of alcohol going down your throat. You might be asking yourself, How do people swallow this in one go? Why do people like eating fire?? But once you’ve gotten over the flames, you’ll learn to love the warm fuzzy feeling only a shot of vodka can give you.

Here are a few pro-tips on how to get that shot down like a boss:


Know the Taste

For some people, what makes them gag and spit up their first attempt at shots is the taste of the alcohol. It can be surprising for people who are used to beer and sweet cocktails. Vodka, tequila, and gin are not conventionally, like, delicious. Not at least in the same way a cupcake is. The taste is sharp and well, alcoholic. Get used to the taste first. Take small sips of the alcohol or take a good whiff of it before you start confidently knocking back these suckers.


Half Shots/Quarter Shots

After you get used to the taste, you need to get used to the sensation of having a shot glassful of the stuff going down your throat. To train yourself, take half-shots or quarter-shots before you go full on. Ask the bartender to pour only small portions so you can down everything in the glass in one go instead of taking a half-hearted gulp from a whole shot and choking mid-swallow, which does not look (or feel) good.



Some people take a deep breath and hold it before taking the shot but if you’re new to it, this will most definitely end up with your breath catching in your throat the same time the alcohol hits it which means the worst possible thing: vodka up your nose. Not fun, kids. Not fun at all. Just breathe normally before you take your shot. When you’re used to knocking them back, you can try taking a breath, downing the shot, then releasing the breath. This brings out a lot of the nice flavors in the alcohol and makes you feel extra relaxed.



The easiest trick in the book in mastering shots is the chaser. Some prefer some citrus like a lemon slice to tamper down the burn, others go for beer or cola. Others go for salt or sugar crystals. Find what best works with you and have it handy for when they’re passing out the tequila.

Need a place to practice? Test out your newfound tagay skills in Hops and Shots at The Island (@theislandph)!

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