Stocking Stuffers: Gifts For the People You’re Not really Close to

Stocking Stuffers: Gifts For the People You’re Not really Close to

Giving gifts is a given this holiday season. Whatever you believe in, giving gifts is a simple way of letting people know how much you appreciate them for being in your life this year. While getting gifts for your loved ones is easy (as long as you know them well!), what do you give to the people you appreciate but are not really close to?

Say, that officemate you banter with but have no idea on what his/her last name is. Or your office janitors, condo guards, and gasp! The people you had no idea were getting you a gift! Here’s a list of cheap but super thoughtful gifts for the people who are at the bottom of you list but are still in your heart.

Some good chocolate

Unless they’re allergic to chocolate, good bars of chocolate never go unappreciated. We love these artisan local chocolates from Auro, but you can grab some chocolates from the grocery store with some neat Christmas packaging! Less hassle for you, no more packing needed!

A plant!


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SHOCKER: Succulents are only P35 if you get it from a direct supplier in the greenery markets (Quezon City Circle, Farmers Plaza, or Dapitan!). Just scout for a cheap mug or a porcelain bowl and have the seller transfer the plan there! Instead of drilling holes at the bottom of the mug or bowl for drainage (important for the plant’s life!), layer some rocks at the bottom!

A Cup of Joy


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So you’re on a tight budget but want to give a warm gift? Grab some cheap colored mugs in the department store and get a hot cocoa sachet from the grocery store. Put a red and green ribbon! And tadah! Insta-gift!

Canvas Bags and Pouches

Aside from canvassing through local markets for the best gift finds, you might come across some canvas supplier that sells canvas pouches and bags for cheap! These are totally useful for the daily!

Cute Christmas Ballpens


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Everyone needs a pen, especially that officemate who you talk to but aren’t super close with. If you’re tight on budget, grab some green and red ballpens (festive reasons!) and get some ribbon to tie them together! Make sets of these and carry in a basket to give away to the whole office! If you want to go the extra mile, add some notepads in there!

Pocket Planners


Aside from notepads, these cute little pocket planners are a total steal for only P20! These very aesthetic designs will surely make your giftee happy! Maybe schedule some lunch or catch-up dates in there so you can get to know them better!

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