Stock Up On These Things To Relieve Your Stress

Stock Up On These Things To Relieve Your Stress

Stock Up On These Things To Relieve Your Stress

The world is bombarded with crisis, issues, and many tragic things. As we all try to get our voices heard and carry on with the movement of change, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed and get stressed about what is happening. There are days when we cannot sleep because of fear, days where we feel agitated about anything and tend to be tensed around people, there will be days where we will be just tired of it all and feel anxious about tomorrow. Here are a few simple things that you can stock up on to help you during those days when you feel like you can’t do it anymore! 

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Scented Candles 

It might sound too cheesy but activating or stimulating your other senses could be helpful when you need to focus on something else other than your social media. Turn the television off, turn your radio on, and light up some candles. Lavender scented candles can help ease your anxiety and give you a sense of calmness. 

Your Favourite Afternoon Snack 

Are you a fan of homemade cookies? What about Ube Cheese pandesal? More of a sushi bake lover? Have these staples in your fridge or pantry ready for whenever you need a small dose of a power up. You’ll never know how much joy a little indulging can give you. Make sure to take a break and have some balance between tasks and posts! 


They say heating up milk at night can help you when you are unable to sleep but tea also helps! Rooibos teas can give you that soul hagod much like how it feels when someone rubs vicks on your back when you have a cold. A good few hours of silence and a warm cup of tea could be the hug that you might be needing all day. 


If you are looking to shift your focus, books can be helpful as well. Divert your attention to another world and learn more about life and yourself. You can also read books that help you strengthen a skill or get away from the messy thoughts in your head. 

A Drink To Cap The Day

We don’t judge if you need a daily cuppa of something that smoothly slides down your throat. A refreshing cocktail mixed with Hennessy VS Cognac can help you in turning those sad vibrations in your body into a picker upper. Explore its amazing notes with different mixes. Every once in a while, we are allowed to step back and re-evaluate life, having a vibrant drink in hand is the perfect combo for those types of days!

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Have you tried de-stressing these days? What’s your favourite or go to item? Let us know in the comments below. 

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