Start Following These Cool Sustainable Brands 

Start Following These Cool Sustainable Brands

Start Following These Cool Sustainable Brands 

Caring for the environment can be shown in very little ways and each step you take helps. One person doing one eco-conscious thing everyday can amount to an impact of a lifetime. Here are our favourite green brands and why you should get your hands on them!

Body Party

Started out from recycled fish nets, they are a line that now produces their swimsuits from post consumer waste. 10% of the waste that goes to the ocean is regenerated into pieces that accentuate the woman body, no matter the type.


Denuo Clothing

Second hand clothing has never looked so good. Naming themselves as an ethical fashion brand, Denuo aims to influence customers by promoting conscious consumption. It takes decades to decompose textiles and their brand wishes to put more value in each garment that they sell.



Made from recycled plastic bottles, Sora focuses on giving trash a second life. The plastic bottles are turned into pellets and then made into thread. It’s multi purpose design gives its owners the choice to move freely and the chance to consume less.



A classic and one of the firsts in the Philippines, R2R creates designer bags out of old retasos  and organic fabrics. They also employ local craft artisans to create their products. Hitting two advocacies in one, this brand is also a statement fashion item that you must have in your closet.


Lazy Fare

Ever wondered where all the leftover fabric of your pretty fast-fashion dresses go? Lazy Fare creates clothing from deadstock fabric. Nothing is put to waste as their style is as basic as it gets. Each article of clothing is meant to fit any outfit so you won’t need to buy much.


Trying a change in lifestyle? Have a little bit of love for other Earth and shop sustain-ably. Don’t forget your own shopping bag to avoid the mess of paper bags! Let us know in the comments if this is the life you want to start living!


Featured image grabbed from Sora’s instagram page (@thesoralife)

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