Some Women Want Presence Not Presents

Some Women Want Presence Not Presents

Everybody’s love language is different and you might just end up being with someone who’s pretty much non materialistic. Bags, shoes, flowers, and all those gifts you can think of sometimes doesn’t matter as much as you probably thought it would. Why? Because some women believe that presence is better than presents. Still confused? Here’s a good explanation on that. 

There are five languages of love, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. If you actually noticed, four out of five are non material. So that means that there is a chance that the majority of the women out there might not be dating because of what gifts their boyfriend can give, but the moments or time you both will have. 

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She’s maturing and getting more independent. 

Being non materialistic does not come right away. Sometimes it just happens as your girl matures. When she realizes that she is capable of paying and doing the things she wants independently, material things definitely decreases in importance. 

Nothing will really compensate for being MIA.

Just to be real, nothing really ever pays for being absent. Don’t make it a practice to make up absences with gifts. It will never compensate for a lost good time. As the two of you grow older, spending more time with each other matters the most. Your girl knows that well enough. 

Material things depreciate in value. 

No, we didn’t mean money-wise. We mean relevance and importance. Imagine, every year you bombard her with gifts, it will either get old or some could be good for throwing away. Compared to making big moments and relationship jumps, don’t let your relationship become a plateau and repetitive. It will get boring and sad. 

Just a few more things, here’s what your partner is expecting according to their love language:

Words of Affirmation – These women will appreciate long talks on the phone, letters, and sweet messages from time to time. 

Gifts – Gestures are gifts too. Do something out of this world. Something you have not done in awhile or haven’t done at all. 

Physical Touch – These girls like to be held. Holding hands, hugs, kisses, and everything else. They feel loved the most when they’re in your arms. 

Quality Time – This goes to those women who are driven with passion, because boy when they give you their time, you should give them your full attention. Create special moments, go out of town, spend some alone time together. 

Acts of Service – Effort, effort, effort. Nothing but effort. They feel that you take them seriously or your sincerity through your efforts. Going out of your way is already something big. You can start with something small like breakfast in bed maybe? 

After being in a relationship for years, the more that gifts become less important. It’s what you experience in your relationship that’s more important. The fun and exciting things you go through matter the most than the gifts you give every monthsary, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and whatever celebration there may be. Give your girl the gift of presence. It’s about time, things change.

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