Soju Mixes We Dare You To Try

Soju Mixes We Dare You To Try

Soju is currently becoming popular here Manila as Korean culture is getting apparent in our society. It is low in alcohol and definitely a slow killer! While not many places offer this type of alcohol, here are some mixes you can dare to try. 


SOMAEK (Soju + Maekju (Beer))

This mix is quite popular in Korea. It requires an exact ratio of 1:1, no particular beer to be used, but if you can handle a little kick try mixing it with Red Horse. 





Soju + Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera drinks are now very accessible in groceries and not just korean markets, so try grabbing a bottle and mix it with Soju. Aloe Vera drinks are a little sweet, so it makes Soju a bit more enjoyable. 


Soju + Yakult + Sprite

Above everything listed, this is the most common mix. The combination of Soju, Yakult, and Sprite is the ever famous Soju Bomb. Can be quite pricey as one pack of Yakult may need two bottles of Soju. 

Soju + Cola + Beer

Of course, the plain SoMaek needed a twist. If you a bit of sweetness to your SoMaek, add some Cola! 

Soju + Energy Drink

If you love Jaggerbombs then get ready to love this shot mix! This is sure to keep you alive your whole night out. 

Have you ever had a crazy mix with Soju that you liked so much? Share it with us in the comments below! 

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