“Small” Fears That Might Not Be Small After All

“Small” Fears That Might Not Be Small After All

It’s spooky szn once again! We talk big about Halloween and what scares us more so every October. Are you afraid of Ghosts? Heights? Serial killer clowns? We answer, yes, yes and YES! But you know what people don’t talk about? Those small fears you experience in everyday life. From something as small as just making eye contact or physically having to talk to someone you don’t want to. We list down these small fears we encounter everyday, check out our list below if you can relate to it


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Making Eye-contact

Do you ever walk down the street or around the mall and make really awkward eye-contact? Ya that sucks. But my fear is actually having to make eye-contact with someone you didn’t want to see out. LOL. 

Saying Hi To Someone You Haven’t Talked to in A While

When you think the air has cleared, you want to say hi. But then building up to that actual moment you walk in the room and have to say “hey” just makes your heart race! 

Answering a Phone Call

I believe in TEXT BEFORE CALLING! You don’t know how much it gives me a heart attack when someone just starts calling. IS IT SUPER IMPORTANT? OR CAN IT BE A TEXT? 

Answering Emails

Fear of sounding too serious or sounding too informal. Sometimes it feels like there is no in-between. 

Not Finishing Your To-Do List

Even just making a to-do list scares me because what if I don’t finish everything I’m supposed to. Grr. 

Missing Your Stop in Public Transport

Whether it’s saying “para” when you’re in a jeep, or getting off the right station in the MRT or LRT. Don’t you just get a small fear of missing that stop?

Being Too Early or Too Late

I absolutely hate going somewhere alone to meet up with friends. Because what if I’m too early and you’re alone. Or coming too late, that you missed out too much. 

Paying Bills

Just the end of the month coming is scaring me. Rent, electricity, credit card bills. *screams out of fear*

Do you relate to any of this? Share it with us below!

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