Signs That You’re Ready for a Serious Relationship

Signs That You’re Ready for a Serious Relationship

Welcome to another episode of “Am I Doing the Right Thing?”

Today, we’re gonna tell you if it’s time for you to end your flings and enter a serious relationship. Yikes, scary! But before we even start, this is not mandatory okay? You do you, we’re just here to guide those who are lost (lowkey talking about ourselves too)!

When You Can Let the Little Things Slide

We know that some people are just born petty, trust us, we get it. But when you enter a serious relationship, you have to let half of your petty ass go. Unfortunately, you have to be rational and considerate since two people with feelings are involved here.

When You Understand That Not Everything Is About You

You should be open to the idea that not everything will be about what you want or how you want things to be. You’ll have to consider how your S.O. will feel even about the littlest things like…FOOD?

When You Learn to Respect Their Personal Space

Though you are in a relationship, there should still be some boundaries. Like, you can’t just ask them if you can check their phones. You gotta trust. Don’t be a praning GF because that will certainly kill the relationship.

When You Can Accept Someone for Who They Are

According to the Netflix movie Set It Up, “we like because and we love despite.” Everyone’s a work in progress, so before you make it official, evaluate yourself and if you can say that you love them (and their flaws), then you’re off to a good start!

When You’re Not Hung up on Your Ex Anymore

Rebound relationships are the worst! When you do this, the other person is not actually the one you’re playing, but yourself. Imagine building a relationship with someone while still waiting for your ex to beg you to come back? Aren’t you just wasting your own time? So, if you’re still not over your ex, please, leave these innocent people alone.

When You Have Given Yourself Enough Love

There’s no definite time or secret formula when it comes to love. As long as you’re confident that you’ve loved yourself enough and that you can still function even without your other half, you can start letting people in. Doesn’t mean you have to fully unguard your heart though, you still gotta be wise!

How many of these signs have you ticked off? Comment down below and let us know which one really hit your feels!

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