The Other Possible Meanings of S.L. (Sick Leave)

The Other Possible Meanings of S.L. (Sick Leave)

Sick Leave or “S.L.”, as we corporate folks call it, is a leave of absence from work due to illness. When you’ve got a high fever, allergies, a viral infection, or anything that physically weakens your body so much that you can’t go to work, you call in sick. However, we all know it doesn’t always mean you’re actually sick. Sometimes, we just use this as our one-way ticket to a free day.

Here are some other meanings of S.L. “sick leave” based on true events we’ve witnessed.

Sakit-sakitan leave

Cue in Karen Smith’s iconic fake caugh. I guess this is what we usually do if we really need a break from work? If you’ve used this reasoning, teach us your ways.

Scouting for another job leave

Ah yes, we’ve all been guilty of this. Of course it totally makes sense because you can’t quit your job without having another one waiting for you at the other end. HRs usually get a hunch but will leave you be–it’s your right.

Severe hilo leave

In other words, hangover. Yes, you’re one of those people who’ll say yes to a happy hour deal on a work night because, why not? You can handle hard drinks like a pro. Well, not always? S.L. it is!

Sex leave

Don’t say you weren’t guilty of this.

Seat sale leave

You saw the seat sale and jumped on the opportunity to FINALLY book tickets to that place you and your friends have been eyeing on for the past year. You strategically booked the dates on a long weekend but also added a few days where you have work. No problem, schedule an S.L. on those days and no one will notice.

Shopping leave

Whether it’s a private markdown sale of your go-to designer brand or a mall’s mega sale, shopping during work hours is best because while everyone’s at work you’re there getting first dibs on the best deals and stocks. This kind of S.L. takes guts but a shopaholic would understand.

Sabi ni mama leave

Sometimes, even as a 25+-year-old adult, when your mom says you need to file a leave on a particular date because of so and so… you need to file a leave. Mostly these are reunions, birthdays, or even the days when your mom really needs you at home to help her out with something. Remember, she carried you in her womb for 9 months, give her this one day.

Sablay leave

You messed up way too hard at work and you can’t bear the look of everyone’s face when they see you. It’s okay, S.L. to the rescue. Just make sure you bounce back the day after!

Shutangina leave

When you clash deep with a colleague and you can’t bear seeing his or her face the next day, file for an S.L. It’s okay, it happens. As long as it will cool you down and bring you back to work in a better state, you can use the S.L. card.

Overall, our advice is to use your sick leaves properly–whatever they may mean for you. As long as you keep track and use it wisely, we’ve got your back. Now let’s get back to work.


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