Should Your Skincare Routine Change During ECQ?

Should Your Skincare Routine Change During ECQ?

Now that we’re spending every single second indoors, all our daily routines have changed. From our daily commute, office hours, and Friday night outs. But the big question is: Should there be any changes to your skincare routine, too? While we all use different products, we do our daily skincare before stepping out of our homes and right before sleeping at night.

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But now that we just stay home all day, not to mention the fact that our products are running out, should we use start using less products? Is sunscreen even still necessary?

Let us answer your questions.

Yes, you still need sunscreen

We all know how expensive skincare products can be and in this kind of situation when stocks are running low and online deliveries are limited, we understand that you would want to save up you remaining products. But you should not skip your sunscreen even if you’re indoors all day. It’s true that you may apply less of it now that you’re indoors but don’t totally skip it since windows don’t totally filter out the harmful UV rays from outside. 

Do gentle exfoliation

Some may also think that exfoliation isn’t needed anymore since we’re not exposed to dirt and pollution anymore. But to keep our skin fresh and healthy during these times, gentle exfoliation is needed. Always being indoors means being constantly exposed to dry air which may cause the skin to over produce oil and start break outs. Gentle exfoliation and rich moisturizers are the key to combat this.

More face masks

You might want to up your face mask usage while we’re locked at our homes. Aside from the fact that it will help you hydrate your skin, it can also be a form of relaxation during these very strange times.

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