#ShopAndESCAPE: Father’s Day Gifts For Your Dads And Daddies

#ShopAndESCAPE: Father’s Day Gifts For Your Dads And Daddies

Father’s Day is coming up, and you all know what that means. It’s that time of the year when differentiating between your dad and your daddy is extra important. You wouldn’t want to wish your actual father something naughty intended for your sugar daddy. Let’s act fast and do double duty as we #ShopAndESCAPE for the two (sorry @brothers everywhere) most important men in our lives as we find their Father’s Day treats.

FYI, we’re looking to splurge. Get your wallets out and get ready to spend. It may only be June, but the situation begs the question; will you be naughty or nice?

For your dad: Scents that show maturity

That’s my dad!”, you say, as you catch a whiff of his cologne. There are some things that simply smell like dad. It’s a certain manly musk that doesn’t come from any other man. Whether he douses himself in Polo, Calvin Klein, or Tom Ford, these mature scents help distinguish the man in a room full of people.

For your daddy: Scents that show sensuality

When shopping for cologne, you’ll want to find your man something that smells overtly sexual. This, of course, is more for your pleasure than his. Personally, I enjoy smelling Versace Eros on my man. Eros, the greek god of sexual desire channels through in this sweet and seductive scent.

For your dad: Drinks that show age

With age comes maturity, wisdom, and some great taste. Your dad deserves something possibly older than him, so treat him to a finely aged cognac from Hennesy that he’ll be able to enjoy with friends or on his own. This one’s for letting us all have sips of beer and tastes of champagne when we were young.

For your daddy: Drinks that show fun

The plan: to not have one. #TomorrowIsOverrated ?: @benjhaisch

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Who’s ready for some SHOTS?! Show your boyfriend that you’re down for some fun with a treat of tequila that’ll get you drunk too. From outdoor escapes to in-house parties, a bottle of tequila has never let anyone down. Ever.

For your dad: Shirts that show style

For dad, everything has to be simple and to the point. The latest iteration of your good old striped polo shirt will serve you well as you shop for Father’s day. The beauty of it is that it’s so simple, the sentis out there can go all matchy-matchy with a millennial version of the collared dad shirt.

For your daddy: Shirts that show sex appeal

Clean, crisp, and light. That’s the kind of shirt you should be looking for when it comes to shopping for bae. Just imagine those rock hard abs beneath those perfectly loose shirts as he begins to unbutton them right before your eyes. You’re welcome. We just helped you treat your man AND yourself.

For your dad: Shoes that show sleekness

From oxfords to monkstraps, something sleek will make your father look professional. After all of the years he took care of you, buying you everything you needed for school, work, and whatever else, it’s time to give back. Remember, black is for business and brown is for brandy. Work and play’s looking better and better with each step.

For your daddy: Shoes that show street smarts

Pump up those kicks because your daddy’s hitting the streets. Although you can’t get the Yeezy’s you were hunting down for your man, a classic pair from Adidas will make everything a lot better. Classic silhouettes in clean, vivid colors like yellow on black are sure winners for the man on the move.

For your dad: Ties to show those family ties

Complete your evening look with a classic bowtie. #TOMFORD

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From bow ties to the classic work tie, you love your dad so much that you’d like him looking sharp no matter where he goes. Allow him to rock those dinner dates with your mom with this young, oversized accessory, or choose something a little simple for his time at the office.

For your daddy: Wallets that show how much he’s worth

His most wanted – a luxurious Money Clip Wallet. #TOMFORD

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He’s a sugar daddy isn’t he? Invest in a wallet for him so he knows you want that accessory fattened up not only for him, but for you too. Don’t forget to remind him to stick a photo of you in there as well, just so he knows what he’s working so hard for. FYI for the clueless in the back, that’s you.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the men out there who raised us or took care of us along the way. Make things fun by splurging not only on your dad, but also your daddy. With all that sugar he’s been giving, you might as well give some back. Tell us what your gift plans are in the comments below!

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