Second Hand Fashion is In and We’re Loving It!

Second Hand Fashion is In and We’re Loving It!

We can all admit that some of us are actually members of clothing buy and sell groups on Facebook, if not, maybe Carousell app? It’s now quite common to actually purchase clothes from each other, thanks to the internet and social apps for connecting all of us. The question is, does this solve at least a bit of zero waste movement? From celebrities to influencers, they got actual Instagram pages that are dedicated to their secondhand clothing, and people ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Hey, most of the stuff they sell are in pristine condition and you get to buy them for half of their original price. 

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The great part about this secondhand buying culture is that, it’s pretty much a purchase loop. There’s your original buyer who buys it for its full price, then gets sick of it, sells it for half its price or discounted. Then there’s you, who can’t resist good deals online. Nobody will know anyway, and you get to save money from paying full price. Thrift shops are making a comeback too! With influencers covering ukay-ukays in their vlogs, people get more curious about it. 

Wanna know some of our favorite Instagram pages for second hand goods? Here’s what we got on our list so far:

Mikaela Martinez –

Mika’s preloved page is a mix of designer and premium brands. You can spot a good condition Gucci boots for just 38,000php, such a steal right? 

Yuki Tansengco – Higson –

Yuki is a fashion icon, so can you just imagine the preloved clothes she sells? Definitely unique and in style. 

Laureen Uy’s Carousell Account –

If you love Laureen’s OOTDs then her Carousell page is a go to. From clothing to accessories, it’s a one-stop-shop for everything New York Fashion Week worthy. 

Martine Cajucom Carousell Account –

Just like Laureen, Martine’s fashion choices are watched by the public. You can score her branded stuff for the cheapest price. Cop her Balenciaga boots for just 9,000php. 

Liz Uy’s Carousell Account –

Liz Uy is that It Girl you’d want to steal clothes from. Well girl, don’t worry she’s got her preloved closet on Carousell and every item IS A MUST BUY.

Other pages to check out are: 

  1. Georgina Wilson’s Carousel Account
  2. Tricia Gosingtian – @shoptgosingtian
  3. Kryz Uy’s Carousell Account
  4. Belle Daza’s Carousell Account
  5. Ira Oyco – @prelovedbyiraoyco

Aside from these online pages, you may also want to check out events like Trendsetter’s Bazaar and Bloggers United for preloved goods of your favorite influencer and celebrities! 


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