Scenezoned: Into the Wild With Maureen Wroblewitz

Scenezoned: Into the Wild With Maureen Wroblewitz


Time and time again, a face would rise above the pack and champion through the adversities of the wild. In today’s fast-paced environment, it is safe to say that we are all navigating within our own versions of wilderness. While some are still in the trenches of blinding darkness and confusion, others are on the cusp of forging through the wild. But, no matter where you are, know that the light won’t stop beaming until it guides you home. The colloquial definition of success maybe paved with merciless motives, but every now and then, we meet someone who challenges that very definition of the known by earnestly paying her dues, while relentlessly pursue her passion and keeping her feet on the ground.



At a tender age of 18, Maureen joined Asia’s Next Top Model along with fellow Filipina candidates. She entered the Top Model house clad with a genuinely-young spirit, and an earnest determination to last long in the competition. As one of the youngest models in the house, Maureen implicitly felt more pressure to catch up with more seasoned models. It is true that her journey in the Top Model house was far from a fairy tale as she was exposed to optimum levels of pressure. As the show progresses, the unearthing of drama has become more and more irrepressible. Add to that, the eager eyes of the Filipino viewers hoping for a country win!  Fast forward to the day we witnessed her momentous win at The Palace Pool Club (now The Island) where met her as Maui–the /ESCAPE team sat down with The Last Filipina Standing, the first Filipina winner of Asia’s Next Top Model, Maureen Wroblewitz.

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Beaming with the familiar smile we remember well, Maureen graced the set exuding more than just good night’s rest kind of freshness–we saw a more affirmed and confident demeanor in her stance–a refreshing sight from the coy girl we met last year. She’s the same Maui, but so much more now.


/ESCAPE: Do you still remember what it feels like winning Asia’s Next Top Model?


Maureen Wroblewitz: I will never forget the moment where Cindy announced that I was the winner. It felt weird because I couldn’t realize it at the time. The win happened in January [2017] and I had to wait six months until it was announced to the public and that’s when it hit me. I am Asia’s Next Top Model.”

I remember when it was announced, it was here at The Palace where we did the finale event. I was crying because it’s finally real, and everyone was there to witness the announcement. Thank you guys for being there!”


/ESCAPE: What’s it like leaving the Top Model House, and coming home to your fans?


Maureen Wroblewitz: I am a fan of so many people, so many artists—I know how it feels like. That is why it’s still weird knowing that I am this person who has supporters and some who look up to me. I just want to be the right kind of role model for them. I also hope they get inspired by my goals and with what I am trying to achieve after the show. I hope that I serve as an inspiration to my supporters to pursue their goals no matter how young they are.


/ESCAPE:What would you say to your fans that you haven’t said yet?


Maureen Wroblewitz: Whenever I get the chance to, I always thank my supporters for still being around. even before Asia’s Next Top Model and especially now that after more than a year I can still feel their support even more. I just love them so much and I am forever grateful to them.


/ESCAPE:  How much would you say you’ve changed after a year?


Maureen Wroblewitz: I recently thought about it again. I talked to a friend when I was at home [in Germany] and she reminded of how super shy and really awkward I was before. Comparing that girl to me now, I’ve changed so much, I’m more confident and I’ve grown so much as a model. But as a person, I’m still the same. I keep myself grounded, I have the same group friends, my family is still there supporting, they’re treating me any differently, and I love that about them. But, one the thing definitely changed for the better, I am stronger now.



/ESCAPE: What is your definition of a strong woman?


Maureen Wroblewitz: A strong woman is someone who doesn’t let anyone get in the way of their goals. Someone who follows through with her passions without letting other people tell her otherwise. She is focused. She will follow her dreams no matter what.


/ESCAPE: What is your mantra?


Maureen Wroblewitz: I don’t have a mantra, per se. But, I always tell myself to do things that scare me, because it will all be rewarding in the end. This helped me to grow and go more!


/ESCAPE: You’ve struggled with depression. In this type of business, how do you manage to keep it together?


Maureen Wroblewitz: With modeling, especially, you feel more insecure about your body. People will notice once you gain weight, and when you lose weight–some people like it, some people don’t. People will always have something to say, that’s why you have to be strong. “I still struggle with depression, and what I can say is that it gets better. I surround myself with positive people, those who can lift me up and those who love me. It may not be the same for everyone, but trust that there are still people who care, listen and understand.


/ESCAPE: You’ve got your first tattoo! What’s the art about?


Maureen Wroblewitz:  My mom loved roses. She loved collecting them!  She had breast cancer, and she passed away when I was 11. So,  my sisters and I decided to get a rose tattoo with her name on it, because if you knew her–you would know she much she adores roses. At the time, we remember she had a big scar on her side breast area. When my sisters and I finally hit the right age, we decided to have our tattoos in the same area as her scar. So whenever we see the rose, we would remember her deeply, how valiantly she fought, and how beautiful she was.


/ESCAPE: How did you manage to navigate well in the wild?


Maureen Wroblewitz: During my Top Model time, I was thrown into the competition, and I definitely needed to survive. I am, actually, still in this space. I just make sure that I survive and thrive without losing myself in the process. The way I do that is by taking everything by the day and making sure that I don’t overwhelm myself with everything that surrounds this beautiful and cutthroat industry. Just remember that you can’t grab everything all at once, because that’s how you get lost in the wild.

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Editor’s Note

If there’s anything we learned from this issue, it’s this: Time is more than the number of hours, minutes, and seconds spent in the pursuit of success. The essence of time is measured by the number of hours, minutes, and seconds lived. By that we mean, a life lived with purpose and meaning with the people who never forget–the people who matter most.

As we move forward with every new issue of /ESCAPE, we hope to be more for our readers.


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