To his legions of admirers on the Internet, Nico Bolzico has all the makings of the perfect Instagram husband. Surely his Latin roots made him an instant winner in the genetic lottery, however his penchant for self-depreciating humor“”sometimes at the expense of his glamorous It Girl wife“”is what ultimately draws spectators to watch his every move.

Admittedly, Nico’s ability to appear relatable is no easy feat, especially for an accomplished businessman who just so happens to be married to one of the most beautiful faces in the country. As the son of a farmer, Nico may not have anticipated he would live out the rest of his days under the spotlight, but his humility and regard for the country that welcomed him with open arms makes him a star in his own right. /ESCAPE reveals that the best way to make the most out of life is to face every day with a smile.

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/ESCAPE: You’re from Argentina. How would you describe your home country?
Nico Bolzico: My home country is huge. Where I’m from is the province of Santa Fe, more specifically the city of Esperanza. It’s basically surrounded by farmland. Everybody knows me, and they’re all freaking out about what’s happening to me.

What was your childhood like?

NB: I grew up as a farm boy. I learned to ride a horse before a bike. When I was 17 my closest neighbor was 3 kilometers away. You can walk anywhere, bike anywhere, everyone knows you so it’s safe. But I think the most important part of my upbringing was working on the farm. It taught me the value of hard work early on.

Did you ever think you would become famous one day?

NB: No, not at all. I like to use this scenario as an example: Imagine I’m with someone who isn’t from the Philippines. The foreigner sees that people come and ask to take a photo with me. He asks me, “Why are you famous?” What’s my answer? I married a famous girl. It’s a little bit sad (laughs). But I enjoy it.

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If I were a tourist visiting Argentina for the first time, what place should I see first?
NB: If you like nature, visit Patagonia in the south. You’ll get to see a lot of mountains, glaciers and lakes. You can also go northeast to Purmamarca, the mountains over there have seven different colors!

Many people don’t know this. What do you do for a living?

NB: Back in February 2012 I started my own company, LM10 Corporation. It focuses on agriculture technology. The main vision of the company is to improve the agricultural sector of the Philippines through technology. Right now we have four projects: First is animal waste, where we process the feathers and blood and turn them into consumable animal proteins. Second is genetics, we work with embryos of dairy cows and cattle. We also have a company that produces feeds for sheep and piglets, and the last one focuses on precision agriculture.

How do you find time to stay so fit despite everything on your plate?

NB: The thing is, it’s boring to me. But it’s something I have to do. I’m addicted to endorphins, so what I do is that I make sure I put aside 45-50 minutes of my day to work out. I hate those 45 minutes but the rest of my day is great.

What are the things you are most passionate about?

NB: Football. I love football. I played in the first division in the Philippines when I arrived, but I got too busy so now I play in the second division in the Kaya Futbol Club. I’m very passionate about Lionel Messi. He is my religion. My company’s name is LM10. LM is for Lionel Messi and 10 is the number on his shirt.

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You often use the term “Wifezilla” as a term of endearment for your wife, Solenn. When did this start?
NB: Solenn is the nicest person ever, but when it comes to the house, everything has to be tidy and in order. If I leave one shirt on a chair for more than ten seconds, she freaks out. So that intensity coming from her made me call her Wifezilla one day. And the fact that she got annoyed made me want to keep calling her that, so now it’s there.

You’re both very busy people. How do you keep up with each other’s schedule?

NB: We try to meet whenever we can. I know she’s super busy and her schedule is completely different from mine, and it’s the same with me. We love each other, we respect each other, we trust each other so it doesn’t matter how many times we get to meet, as long as we make an effort.

What is your favorite memory with Solenn so far?

NB: There’s so many. When I proposed to her, our wedding””especially when she came walking down the aisle. And every time we get to travel. I took her to Argentina and showed her where I was born. She met my family. I think they love her more than me.

Do you plan to have kids in the future?

NB: Yes, of course. But we have too many things going on right now. If it comes, it comes.

Tell us about your pet turtle.

NB: Patato! He was a gift from one of my partners. At first we didn’t know what to do with him, but now we’re so in love with the turtle. It’s so relaxing to feed him. Plus he’s great training for a kid.

Being married to one of the country’s “It Girls” means you’re constantly in the spotlight. Is there a certain pressure to always make relevant content?

NB: No. To be honest, I don’t really focus on it. If you look at my Instagram posts from a long time ago it’s still the same. For me, it has to be real. We don’t plan the content. If you’ve seen the video of Solenn’s reaction to my haircut, that’s really how she reacted when I came home. Or when I made a video making fun of Erwan’s French. I was walking from the office looking at Instagram and saw that, and I knew I just had to do something. So I don’t feel pressured to make content or to feel relevant.

How do you feel about being an IG husband?

NB: (Sighs) I’m used to it. Sometimes we’ll go on a trip, she’ll warn me and say “Listen, you’re going to take a lot of pictures but it’s for our memories and it’s important so don’t get upset.” And I’m actually learning, so I contribute now.

Is the Nico Bolzico we see on IG the same in real life?

NB: One hundred percent. You can ask my friends, that’s me. Even the Solenn you see on TV is the Solenn I see at home.

You recently gifted a fan with a painting of yourself. What’s the story behind that?

NB: It was actually from a commercial I did for Cignal! When we were shooting I was like, “I want that. That’s mine.” We ended up putting an auction for it, someone won and we donated the amount she raised for the painting, but she’s from Cebu and they said it would get destroyed if we shipped it. So now it’s at home. Solenn wants to burn it.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about you that they don’t often see online?

NB: How family-oriented I am. I love agriculture and I love nature, and that’s what I want to do here. The Philippines gave me so much so I want to give back by helping them with their agriculture. I’m a farmer. I don’t know how many people know that, but that’s who I am.

What’s the score on your bromance with Erwan?

NB: He’s my brother-in-law so I’m going to have a relationship with him whether I liked it or not. The thing is, we got along so well. I admire what he does, we compete with each other but also support each other. Our friendship is at a level where we tease a lot, but he bullies me way more than I bully him. He’s one of my best friends in life.

Who’s better-looking: you or Solenn?

NB: Solenn.

If I could be an animal I would be a _________.

NB: A black stallion.

Name one thing a man should never be without.

NB: A good belt.

What’s your favorite /ESCAPE?

NB: My favorite place is our balcony. We have fake grass and have a very nice view. I like to sit down there and enjoy some whiskey or some mate, that’s my Argentinian drink, and just hang out.

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