Here’s the sich on Marco Gumabao: His father is actor Dennis Roldan who has starred in almost 50 films, and his sister, Michele Gumabao gained popularity as a college athlete. It would be easy to write him off as riding the waves of his family’s fame and lucking out by becoming best buds with one of the biggest young stars around, Daniel Padilla. But that would be a disservice to someone who has been working on his craft since he was discovered at 16 years old and is ready to carve a space for himself in showbiz.

Now 23 and with more than 6 years of experience under his belt, Marco Gumabao, as we got to know him, is a self-possessed and grounded sort of guy. He’s not one for vague answers and will look at you, taking in what you have to say before building his answers. This is what his actions tell us: Marco knows what he’s doing and he’s ready to take his career further. Now that he’s signed with Viva, he’s poised to be the next big thing.

/ESCAPE: You’ve been acting for around 6 years. Has it always been a passion for you?

Marco Gumabao: When I started, hindi ako seryoso with acting. I was more into sports. Even though my dad was an artist before, I didn’t have any plans on joining showbiz. Pero it grew on me. I can see myself doing this for a long time.

What’s the best thing about acting?

MG: Acting is like a portal for you to show different kinds of emotions. I’m not a showy type of person when it comes to emotions. But because of acting, “Ëœdun ko siya nalalabas (my emotions).

Any dream project you’d like to work on?

MG: Actually with my barkada. Gusto kong magka-show, na all boys show with my barkada (his barkada includes Daniel Padilla, Dominic Roque, Diego Loyzaga, to name a few). Because close kami in showbiz pero bihira kami magkasama in one show. Pwede like a sitcom maybe?

There have been recent changes in your life and your career, like shifting to Viva. What are the changes and opportunities you’re looking forward to?

MG: I really want to do more movies. For me movies kasi ang naalala ng tao. Once you do a movie and it hits, okay na. When I was with Star Magic kasi, it was hard to get a movie role kasi andami namin. Now, one reason why I really transferred to Viva, like my dad said, you really need [to be in] movies talaga. One movie can make you.

You’ve been in a string of successful TV shows with big ensemble casts. What have you learned about breaking out and stealing the scene?

MG: Since I came from comedy, wala talaga akong alam about drama. Before, kinakabahan ako every time ka-eksena ko “Ëœyung magagaling na artist “Ëœdun. I worked with Cristine Reyes and Jericho Rosales, na lahat puro merong crying scenes. But whenever you work with someone who’s good, dapat wag ka magpapa-apekto sa galing nila. Learn from them, watch them, observe what they do.

Here’s a burning question: are you dating right now?

MG: Dating, meron naman, pero no labels. As much as possible I keep [things] private.

What song is on loop for you right now?

MG: Stargazing by Kygo feat. Justin Jesso.


Hiking or beach trippin’?

MG: Beach. Nakakapagod mag-hike! (Laughs) Mas masarap mag-beach nalang. I actually went to Pinatubo a few days ago. First time ko to do hiking. When I want to unwind and chill, I grab my friends and we go to the beach.

How do you keep fit?

MG: I go to the gym four to five times a week. I do weight training, I run 3 km, twice or thrice a week. I like to keep it active. I also do boxing and Muay Thai sometimes.

You have a lot of travel posts on IG. Where’s the best spot you’ve been to?

MG: One of the best views that I saw was Horseshoe, the one in the US, Grand Canyon. Sobrang ganda. I also like what I saw in Canada. Puro snow lang lahat. Everywhere may snow. First time ko kasi makakita ng snow in Canada so medyo surreal siya.

Can you give us five spots on your travel bucket list?

Europe (I’d like to see the Eiffel Tower), Enchanted River in Surigao, Maldives, I want to go to New York and see the Statue of Liberty and Amsterdam

Favorite Filipino dish?


You’re really into basketball, what’s your favorite NBA team?

I’ve been a diehard Lakers fan ever since.

All-time favorite TV series?

Game of Thrones.

Current Netflix series you’re watching?

Designated Survivor.

Describe your type of girl.

I don’t really have a particular type. Whoever catches my attention is my type. Haha.

What’s a perfect date for Marco Gumabao?

Beach date. Just drinking wine under the stars.

If you were to choose, which local celebrity would you like to be paired with?

Solenn Heussaff!

Selena Gomez or Rihanna?

Selena Gomez.

Emma Stone or Emma Watson?

Emma Watson.

Instagram stories or Snapchat?

IG stories.

Favorite filter?

The dog filter. Haha.

Any upcoming projects we should look forward to?

We’re starting a digital teleserye soon with ABS-CBN. Please watch out for that.

What’s your favorite /ESCAPE?

MG: Beach talaga. When I want to unwind and chill, I grab my friends and go to the beach. Doesn’t matter where. Basta may pool actually. Okay na ako basta may pool.

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