Lesha Litonjua lives in a world of pastels and aesthetics. Her personal Instagram is reminiscent of a Tumblr mood board, perfectly crafted to reflect a persona as whimsical as her ever-changing hair color. After we first spotted her at The Krispy Kreme party in December, the pretty girl with the lavender hair remained on our radar as the epitome of a modern influencer””someone who’s unique, creative and unafraid to march to the beat of her own drum.

Unlike most bloggers whose personality is eclipsed by a wall of text and intimidating feeds, Lesha is bubbly, personable and quirky””endearing qualities that allow people to relate to her experiences on and offline. Baring her soul with every beat and written word, Lesha is a young artist who yearns to express herself the best way she knows how: through music. In a world full of people trying to fit in, /ESCAPE learns that sometimes, all you need to be is yourself.

What inspired you to pursue music?

Lesha Litonjua: I’ve been doing music for a long time already. As a kid, music has always been my passion so now I just decided to focus more on it and hone my craft.

Who are your influences?

LL: I really love Marian Hill, the vibe they just give off is different from the typical songs you hear. Aside from them, I’m also a big fan of Kiiara.

Do you write your own material? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

LL: Everything I produce and write all come from personal experiences. Writing songs usually just takes me around one day while production takes 3-4 days.

How did you learn how to produce music?

LL: I’m surrounded by really talented people at my school. I study college in MINT and I learned from them. Sometimes, I’d try to sit down and just learn on my own. Elm, my collaborator, is also there to help me out. The process is still ongoing and I’m still learning!

Name a musician you relate to the most.

LL: Melanie Martinez, Marian Hill and Alex Aiono.

Describe your music in three words.

LL: It’s hella lit. (laughs)

Any local acts you think that are killing it right now?

LL: (Looks at Elm) Us? (laughs) I’m just joking. I’d have to say CRWN.

Who would your dream collab be with?

LL: Alex Aiono or Kurt Schneider. Maybe even The Chainsmokers haha!

You’re also a part of a band called Cold Light that performed at Valkyrie a while ago. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

LL: Well I used to be more on the pop rock scene until I decided to shift into electronic music. I just wanted to try something new and it felt really unique in a sense and I got to be more hands-on with production. In the past it was more of my bandmates arranging stuff and I would just give my input, but now I’m in control.

Is there a difference between Lesha the performer and Lesha as a person?

LL: Not really! The person you’re talking to now is actually the same as the person on stage.

How many instruments can you play?

LL: Just one! I can play the rhythm guitar. I can play the piano but just a little bit!

What’s the best part of performing in your opinion?

LL: The best part of performing is knowing that the crowd is actually relating to me and singing along to the songs we’re playing. It’s really cool to be on stage and see people dancing and feeling the music.

 Aside from music, what else do you occupy yourself with?

LL: I do blogs and I love to film stuff! I started blogging around 2013 and later on I shifted to vlogging because I felt it was more relatable since people could actually see me talk. That way they could see what’s happening as opposed to just seeing photos on a blog.

You have a lot of followers online. What do you think makes people so interested in your blog?

LL: It’s probably because the type of content I give out is not just limited to regular singing. I have my own twist to my stuff like adding vocal chops, and it’s different compared to what people are used to seeing, so maybe that’s why people tune in.

You always seem to be changing your hair color. How do you keep it looking so pretty?

LL: (Laughs) Wow thank you! Well I have my hair bleached at the salon because I’m very scared of bleaching it myself. I just buy my dyes online and I use conditioner, which lets me change my hair anytime as long as the color fades. It’s easy and it’s fun! I dye my hair twice every month.

We’re hella digging your IG aesthetic. How did you decide on the theme?

LL: I’m just really into pastels. I started doing the theme just last year because I thought my feed looked really messy. So I just fixed it to make it look more presentable.

One thing you wish you were good at?

LL: Probably playing the piano. I’ve always wanted to play it well but I’m still not there yet.

Cats or dogs?

LL: Dogs! I have like, 9 chow chow puppies at home! We have a chow chow farm! Our family just really loves dogs and I take care of them all haha!

If I could be a color, I would be __________.

LL: Purple I think because of my hair. I’m really diggin’ purple at the moment. But if I can choose another color it would be pink because that’s my favorite!

Pick a song to describe your current state of mind.

LL: (Laughs) Starboy by The Weekend! I love that song! I dunno, I just relate to it a lot. The song is about The Weeknd being pulled down but now he’s rising above it all.

Any upcoming gigs in 2017 that you can tell us about?

LL: I’m gonna be opening for Kiiara on March 3 so I’m pretty excited about that. The other one””I can’t say yet, haha!



What’s your ultimate /ESCAPE?

LL: Music. It’s been there for me through my ups and downs. I think it’s been my escape from everything that’s happening and has happened in my life.

Photographed by Karlo Torio (@karlotorio)

Art direction by Rain Sager (@rainsager)

Styling by Sam Policios (@thesampolicios)


Produced by Kaye Pernia (@kayepernia)

Words by Kimberly Lynch (@kimberlynch)

Edited by Dan Buenaventura (@danbuenav)

Assisted by Kiana Heart (@kianawbu)

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