It’s the millennial dream: having the perfect partner, owning a house together, and having a career that gives you fulfillment. This year, It Girl Jess Wilson and her businessman beau, Moritz Gastl, can definitely say that they have all of these checked out on their lists.

Jess Wilson and Moritz Gastl’s romance began seven years ago when the two met in Europe. Back then, both were two ambitious 20-year olds who were still trying to slowly feel their way around the world. It was a drunken confession from (take your guess!) one of them that turned their four months of dating into a real relationship. Fast forward to almost a decade later, Jess Wilson leaves a job””which she held for four years””to pursue an itching dream, and Mortiz Gastl finds himself now living in the Philippines and working as the Managing Director of MoneyMax.


From an outsider’s point of view, Jess and Moritz seem like they are made for each other, despite their somewhat differences on the surface. Walking into this shoot, I first caught a glimpse of Jess in her make-up chair getting dolled up while Moritz sits on the table next to her busy on his laptop on what I presume to be work for him. She is more vocal and outgoing while he is more reserved and private, but when our photographer starts clicking her camera, these differences somehow turn into complimentary qualities that make them so adorable to watch.

In this special holiday edition of SceneZoned, we talk about the young couple’s professions, their milestones this year, and the moment when they found out the real deal about Santa Clause.

/ESCAPE: For the uninitiated, how would you introduce yourselves?

Jess Wilson: Most people would know me as Georgina’s younger sister, but lately I’ve been working in front of the camera doing shoots and also creative direction for brands, trying to somehow make a name for myself””separate to just being the sister of Georgina Wilson.

Mortiz Gastl: I would just usually say, “Hi, I’m Moritz. I come from Germany. I already feel very Filipino by now having been here for five years.”

Besides what usually see on Instagram, what are, let’s say, the “other sides” of Moritz?

MG: I would see that there are only two. There’s the Moritz that you see on Instagram and there’s the Moritz that my co-workers see and there’s the one that spends time with Jess which is usually the same person on my Instagram that that goes traveling, takes pictures, goes out. That’s about it, yeah.

Jess, congratulations on It Girls Season 2! What’s it like being part of the show this season?

JW: Thank you. It was so much fun, it was so casual. George’s husband and Nico were part of it so it was such a fun cast. Moritz had a few cameos, Martine and I had little Kendall-and-Kylie roles and it was so easy. We would just shoot on Sundays and it would be very casual and it wouldn’t feel like work at all.

What’s it like seeing Moritz being part of the show?

JW: It’s really cute. I think he is such a good-looking guy and he’s so stylish; I feel like he could do so much more of this, but it’s not his thing. He’s very focused on his career and his job.

MG: Yeah, I usually try to keep my private and my work life very very private from my social life, I’m definitely more serious than what you would see on my Instagram, I would say.

What’s it like filming a reality TV show?

JW: It’s so funny because I’ll watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and I’m like “That’s not real!”. But the way we shoot is, Mond, our show director, goes “Okay, so Jess and George, you’re gonna be talking about George going back into modeling, go.” It’s not like “Jess you say this and George, you start crying.” It’s not like that. It’s kind of like, Mond will kind of navigate the conversation but we’ll just go for it. But there’s nothing really scripted in that sense, it’s more of just direction.

What’s the hardest challenge that you’ve had to overcome this year?

JW: I applied to L’Oréal and that was kind of my dream job at the time. It was a really fun four years but I think at one point I just thought, you know what, I see what my family is doing and I know I can do it. So it was this year that I decided, “I’m gonna leave this job and I’m gonna take the leap and do it”.

How about for you, Moritz? What was the hardest challenge that you had to overcome with your job?

MG: Culture. I was lucky enough to have Jess to actually kind of, like, introduce me to the culture. How the people think here in the Philippines is just completely different from what I was used to, so I really had to adjust with how I managed and understood people. What’s helped me a lot, to be honest, is that I’ve always had, Nico and Adrian, Belle’s and Solenn’s husbands, because they’re in a similar situation as I was, so I could always go to them.

What is your favorite moment together this year?

JW: Moving into the house together.

MG: I agree, yeah.

JW: For the last two years, I was looking at apartments and my sister and my cousins are like, “You have to buy!” and I’m like “I am so not near buying an apartment.”. A few months ago, I found the dream apartment and told myself I could probably make this happen””Moritz and I can do this””and so now we have our own home.

What’s one thing that you’ve learned from each other this year?

MG:  When we were renting, we didn’t care too much about furniture, but when we moved in to the apartment, there were more fights around like “Okay, let’s get this chair!” and “No, let’s get this chair!”

JW: What did I learn from Moritz? I learned that he has an opinion on furniture after all.

Where is the perfect place to spend Christmas at?

JW: Moritz loves the cold and I don’t, but I love being wrapped up in a cold country with food and wine.

MG: For me, if you would specifically ask for the Christmas season there’s always once answer””which is somewhere with snow.

What is the favorite that you’ve received from one another?

MG: We’ve decided this year that we’re not getting each other anything because we recently got a condo. So we’re just gonna invest the money instead.

Or is that code for “Okay, we’re not supposed to get each other gifts but we’re gonna surprise each other?”

JW: Yeah, you better still get me one.

MG: Yeah, we say that once in awhile but we still give each other something.

JW: Every other Christmas we kind of spend on a trip for each other instead. So we buy couple trips. But we end up buying gifts anyway.

What’s your go-to Christmas album?

JW: Michael Bublé Christmas songs! It always gives a homey feel.

MG: Yeah, it’s either Michael Bublé or I also like Coldplay’s Christmas songs.

JW: And when Moritz isn’t there it’s Ariana Grande’s Santa Baby.

At what age did you realize that Santa Clause isn’t real?

MG: I think when I was like 12 or 13.

JW: I think I was more sad when I realized that the Three Kings weren’t real because that was always exciting for me, like after Christmas Day, three kings would come and I’d be like “OMG, there are even more gifts!”

MG: They are real!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

JW: Love Actually. I think I’ve watched Home Alone a lot during Christmas.

MG: The only thing I watch during Christmas is Macaulay Culkin, what’s his movie called again?

JW: Home Alone.

What’s your wish for each other this 2018?

JW: That he finds fulfillment in his career.

MG: Success with her new-year endeavors.

What’s your favorite /ESCAPE?

JW: We love spontaneously flying out to local beaches. Our favorite local beach is Coron.

Photography by Andrea Beldua (@andreabeldua)

Styling by Sam Policios (@thesampolicios)

Makeup by Mac Igarta (@mac_igarta)

Hair by Suyen Salazar (@suyensalazar)


Produced and edited by Dan Buenaventura (@dnbnv)

Interview by Vani Altomonte (@valtomonte)

Assisted by Kinskie Oriña (@kin.orina) and Rosy Felizardo (@rosyfuckingelizardo)

Shot on location at B.A.D (